Audiokite Research Offers Market Research for Independent Musicians.


Audiokite Research Offers Market Research for Independent Musicians.

A new startup recently popped up that offers song-specific research reports to independent musicians and labels that are opened towards the public. While being in stealth-mode while developing its product for the past several months, Audiokite Research, utilizes crowdsourcing technology to provide insight into a song’s is commercial viability, sync licensing potential, the quality of individual tracks feature like vocals and sound quality, and several other factors gathered within the data points.

Gaining Insight.

Fellow musician and co-founder of Audiokite Research, Alex Jae Mitchell, Created the product in order to gain a better insight within his own music.

“In the startup world, we rely on data from market research to make basic decisions every day,” he commented. “But bands and musicians don’t use data, they rely on intuition alone because market research is expensive. So we created a simple way to provide accurate data that’s affordable enough to be accessible to everyone.”

Audio Research utilizes the popular crowdsourcing platform known as Amazon Mechanical Turk, in order to attract thousands of reviews within the United States. These reviewer will listen to a certain duration of a song, and fill out a standardized survey about the piece.

Shanna Polley, another fellow musician commented,, “You’re always thinking ‘What do people actually think about my song?’ Friends and family are always supportive, but it’s hard to know what strangers are actually thinking. The report I got for my song, it was a little harsh at times, but it was really valuable, it showed me what I was doing well and where I needed to improve.”


Report can be sent towards the general population of reviewers that make up Amazon Mechanical Turk, or they can aim for a specific reviewer who regularly listens to a particular genre category. This will allow artists and labels to target only listeners who would likely be into the songs genre.

“When people answer the survey, they really sound out honestly since the reviews are anonymous,” said Mitchell, “So the positive comments, and the negative ones, are all really accurate.”

A 100-listener report will start at a cost of $29,99, and will take up to a week to be verified and delivered. Audiokite Research is currently offering reports for up to 300 listeners.

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