Augmented Reality Introduced to Google Glass By Layar.


Augmented Reality Introduced to Google Glass By Layar.

Wearable technology is leading the way towards augmented reality becoming an actual thing, and its not really surprising with this recent news of Layar’s augmented reality application is now available for download on Google Glass.

Although, there may not be to many people who can download this app at the current moment, given that Glasses isn’t easily obtainable at the moment, but for those who are interested, they will need to go through some steps first as the software is still in beta mode and hasn’t been made available for the Glassware catalogue.

How It Works.

The Layar app for Glass can be used to view any currently existing AR and interactive print content for the platform, it could be one of the 6,000 Geo Layers, to viewing some movie trailers right from the poster or even accessing any hidden bonus content found in magazines.

The software is activated through voice, by saying something like “Glass, scan this” it will follow through with the command and scan the content or QR code associated with Layar content.

“We quickly realized that in order to provide a truly useful experience on Glass, we needed to radically rethink our UI and optimize our technology for this new platform,” Layar CTO Dirk Groten said. ”We didn’t just port Layar to Glass, but put in a tremendous amount of effort to create a dedicated app that feels like a first-class citizen on Glass.”

By tapping on the side of the Google Glass while looking at the Geo Layer the results will allow users to select an item, or they can browse through other items by scrolling from the side, which is another change added to “match the UI of Glass’ the company said” Furthermore, by two-finger tapping the Glass while looking at a interactive print content, It will switch from its augmented reality camera view and change into a ‘full screen view’, giving the user a more screen to real-estate.

Even so, this application is currently only in its beta launch, so one should expect even more features and refinements to be added in the future, depending on the user feedbacks in later iteration of the app.

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