Austin-Based LanternCRM Secures $250k as a Salesforce Alternative.


Austin-Based LanternCRM Secures $250k as a Salesforce Alternative.

A growing customer relationship management(CRM) solution, LanternCRM, has recently announced a total of $250,000 of funding received from angel investors Jason Cohen of WP Engine, Rob Tylor of Black Locus, Mickey Traftron of BlueFish, Bill Boebel of Pingboard, Par Matthews formerly of Racspace, and Joshua Baer of OtherInbox, and the Capital Factory Fund.


This funding comes along as signups increased 300% over a period of three months, Including the Austin Chambers of Commerce, The company is currently scaling its team in preparation to keep up with demand and further expand their client base.

LatnernCRM differentiates itself from other industry leads Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics in their capability to perfect main features towards the market has requesting including automatic email tracking, phone service, and integration with hundreds of currently existing business services.

“We found that a vast majority of users either hated their current CRMs or didn’t use them because they required too much manual data entry,” said Alex Smith, CEO and Co-Founder. “By focusing on automatically importing from existing systems like email, calendar, and phone, our users can focus on building their business instead of maintaining information in their CRM. Whether our users login every day or once a month, LanternCRM requires no manual entry.”


LantenrCRM was founded right as Smith’s was accepted into the University of Texas Longhorn startup class, which was led by esteemed professor Bob Metcalfe and Joshua Baer. After having seen a successful semester from Smith, Baer extended an offer for LatnernCRM to be the first Longhorn Start team to be accepted into Capital Factory’s Accelerator program.

“The CRM market for enterprises may be maturing, but the market for small businesses is wide open and growing, fueled by the popularity of mobile and tablet computing. Entire industries that still operate on pen and paper or email and spreadsheets are going to be transformed over the next few years,” said Baer.

The team has recently unveiled their newest release that shall address the sudden influx of demands from much larger enterprises, all the while maintaining the simplicity that drove their initial growth.

“One important addition is our Spreadsheet View, allowing users to edit information in a way everyone is familiar with. This allows those comfortable with spreadsheets to make an easier transition to LanternCRM,” said David Weiser, COO and Co-Founder.

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