Austin Startup Rolls Out The World’s Largest Hearing Provider Directory.


Austin Startup Rolls Out The World’s Largest Hearing Provider Directory.

Local internet startup company, Hearing Tracker, Inc., has introduced at the 2014 Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) convention. publishes an online directory of over 17,000 hearing providers throughout the United States – the largest directory of its kind – and provides intuitive tools for locating providers with positive customer feedback. also boasts the largest collection of online hearing aid reviews in the world, giving undecided consumers a place to investigate their options.

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Hearing aids are technical devices that require fine-tuning and calibration to provide maximum benefit, and while many hearing providers provide excellent customer service, they may or may not have the skill-set, or equipment, to produce great hearing results. The best way to gauge the quality of the hearing provider is to look at what their customers are saying. Are they happy with the results? How much better is their hearing? Would they recommend the provider to others?

Consumers have traditionally relied on word-of-mouth from friends and family to find high quality hearing providers. While word-of mouth is still an important source of information when choosing a hearing provider, consumers are increasingly looking online for guidance. is following the lead of other doctor-review websites to help consumers navigate the process of finding a hearing provider. is the only website in the world to rate hearing providers based on the results of their hearing aid fittings.

Hearing Tracker’s strategy, to clarify hearing healthcare with a big data solution, promises to ease access for hearing impaired consumers, and increase the overall success rate of hearing rehabilitation.

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