Australian-based Canva Secures Guy Kawasaki As Chief Evangelist.


Australian-based Canva Secures Guy Kawasaki As Chief Evangelist.

Canva, the Australian online graphic design platforms startup, has recently announced that it has taken on Apple’s former chief evangelist, Guy Kawasaki, to help expand its brand internationally.

Kawasaki was Apple’s chief evangelist during the 1980; and has since then become an adviser for top companies like Google, co-founder of venture capital firm, Garage Technology Ventures, founded online magazine rack, Alltop, and has even written a couple of business books.


According to Melanie Perkens, founder and CEO of Canva, this new arrangement will oversee with Kawasaki representing the company from his currently location within Silicon Valley, California.

“Guy will continue to be based in Silicon Valley. He’ll be able to represent us, take meetings, and coordinate business development activities in the US,” she said.”

“Day to day, his role will include speaking at events, working with influencers, using his social media platform to increase Canva’s visibility, helping secure business development deals and building our content strategy. He’ll be spending some time in Australia later this year.”

According to Canva, kawasaki will also be developing an evangelism program for the company and help it increase its presence within the International market. Peg Fitzpatrick, who previously worked with Kawasaki as his social media architect and co-founder of the 12 Most website, will also be joining Canva as the head of social strategy.

Chief Evangelist.

As for Kawasaki himself, this decision to represent Canva Internationally was prompted from his own year of experience as an early adopter of the platform.

“I was an early adopter of Canva and used it to create graphics for my social media posts and email newsletters,” said Kawasaki. “After making contact with Canva’s founders, I was enchanted by the company’s vision and desire to change the world.

“Macintosh democratised computers; Google democratised information; and eBay democratised commerce. In the same way, Canva democratises design. You don’t get many chances to democratize an industry, so I seized the opportunity to work for Canva.”

Canba, which had announced its launching for  the online graphic design platform during August 2013, has grown considerably after receiving AU$3 million in financial funding during the early season of last year..

“In seven months, people have created more than one million designs using Canva. We’re incredibly excited to welcome Guy onboard as Canva’s chief evangelist,” said Perkins. “It’s an amazing endorsement of the Canva vision to have someone of his calibre join our team.”

“It’s a testament to our team’s hard work that we’re seeing 100,000 new designs created every week by more than 330,000 users,” she said.

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