The Authentication Biometrics Wristband Known As Nymi.


The Authentication Biometrics Wristband Known As Nymi. 

Bionym a biometrics company has recently demonstrated a new gadget that will hype it up with three factor authentication, by using ta wristband that can detect the wearer’s unique cardiac rhythm much like an ECG scan. Dubbed as Nymi, this wristband is one of the most innovative wearable gadgets currently in development.


The Nymi wristband can be used to act as a security token with the use of a low powered Bluetooth, which will press down against the wearers skin. it will detect a unique ECG pattern and transmit it as an additional identity verification mechanism, The third factor would be using the users own smartphone device, with an application that manages the passwords and account, so if the Nymi band is ever lost or stolen, no actual ID data is lost with it.

The company claims that ECG is very unique to be considered a biometric parameter, even after all of the variables being considered such as heart rate, emotional state, stress and medication. Bionym has mentioned that it will publish a more detailed information closer to the product launching date later in the year.


The wristband does not continuously monitor a wear’s heat rate, but only uses it to identify the wearer and proceeds to unlock other devices. It can also detect when its has been removed from the wearer wrist, which will make the device sacen the pulse of the wearer again to make sure its them. To authenticate themselves to the devices, wearers must simply press down on the wristband with their opposite and, thus completing a circuit that runs across the heart.

Unique heartbeat.

Bionym swear that each wearer has a individual heartbeat pattern that is unique enough to replace fingerprints as an authentication method. The Nymi wristband can recognize motion, so users should be able to unlock their smartphones, cars, and any other device with just a flick of their wrist. and can also transmit other commands. It is possible for multiple people to use Nymi to have their cars and devices recognize them and load their information and preferences automatically. Simply walking away from a devices would be for the device to lock itself once again.

Nymi wristbands can be preordered for $79 in either white,black or orange. Shipping cost an extra $10 for anyplace around the globe. The wristband is charged through USB, and can last over a week between charges. While water resistant its not waterproof.


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