B2B Startup Accelerator 9Mile Labs Teams Up With PARC.


B2B Startup Accelerator 9Mile Labs Teams Up With PARC.

9Mile Labs had recently announced that PARC, a Xerox company, will be sponsoring the second cohort at 9Mile Labs. this collaborations will bring PARC’ unmatched property assets, technical mentoring, and rapid prototyping infrastructure on selected startups within 9Mile Labs business-to-business, B2B, startup accelerator program.


This announcement has shown Parc’s commitment to the startup community, and it will also be demonstrates the critical role startup community have within the development and expansion of PARC’s global innovation ecosystem. This partnership will also be an example on 9Mile Labs commitment to also supporting entrepreneurs and investors in the B2B startup community.

“For 9Mile Labs, it is imperative that strategic partners share our philosophy of entrepreneur-centricity,” said Enrique Godreau III, partner at 9Mile Labs. “PARC’s focus on and expertise in B2B technologies is right in line with our investment thesis. PARC’s world-class technology, human and infrastructure assets provide a singular and valuable opportunity for the 9Mile Labs startups as well as the members of the extended network active in our program.”

With the large amounts of accelerators currently active in today’s world, 9Mile Labs has chosen to exclusively focus on startups addressing the B2B problems and opportunities. This entire creation of 9Mile Labs accelerator has included the programs length, the level of capital investment, and the way the community engages and stays active, and to crate an address that unique to the needs of B2B technology companies.


Startups have been picked through unique two step selection process, into a program that will last for 4 weeks, more so than other programs account for longer customer validation and adoption cycles; correspondingly. 9Miles Labs, will also be investing in twice the amount than most other accelerators programs do in order to extend the amount of time to create a viable business.

The program will have an hands-on mentoring and customer interaction with a comprehensive curriculum. This is so startups can be provided with the best available coaching the program can give, and to more effectively engage the much broader business community into growing theses business, 9Miles Labs will be dedicating a considerabel amount of time to recruit exceptional mentors who will provide a meaningful engagement throughout the program.

Very First.

As part of its work to continue promoting the use of B2B entrepreneurship, 9Mile Lab will also be supporting and sponsoring one of the worlds very first B2B startup weekends during May 16-18, 2014. The event will be held in conjunction with Milestone9, which is the next Demo Day for 9 Mile Labs company’s, during May 16, 2014

“We have been impressed by the [9Mile Labs] team’s commitment to understanding and solving the challenges facing early stage startups and entrepreneurs, especially in how they innovatively leverage cutting-edge ethnographic research techniques and the broader business community to improve the program itself as well as to optimize its interactions with the program’s entrepreneurs,” said Walt Johnson, VP and Lab Director of PARC’s Intelligent Systems Lab. “We’re convinced that PARC’s involvement in the 9Mile Labs program is consistent with the way we would like to engage with and support startups.”


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