Backtrack Seeks Funding through Kickstarter to Bring Music Lovers Together.


Backtrack Seeks Funding through Kickstarter to Bring Music Lovers Together.

An application created to allow users to share,discover, and listen to music known as Backtrack, is currently in its last two weeks of its Kickstarter campaign and is seeking further assistance with the intent of attaining funding to develop the application for iOS, Android and the web. As Backtrack receives support through the campaign, users from all over the world will be able to share their musical taste with one another through the new innovative application.


The features of backtrack include an option to listen to streaming radio as well as choosing from their music library, which has million of songs within its database. From the vast selection of music, user will be able customize playlist to match their musical taste at any particular time. Although, on of the most impressive portion of Backtrack would be its social aspect, where user have the option to share their musical tastes with other people. With Tuneschat, the user will be able to chose a song, type a short message, and send it directly to their friends in a private message. RaveTrack allows user to sync phones together trough the use of Bluetooth or WiFi network, so they can share music preferences with one another to allow for genre diversity social functions.


A quite peculiar feature for Backtrack would be its TrackChat feature, which gives the users the capability to have a monthly question and answer session with their favorite artist. Users will be given private access to event,s and they will also get to create their very own questions.

Although, Backtrack is more than just a music application, Through their goal of connectivity, the company aim s to bring together all the facets of music industry in order to facilitate communication and amazing discoveries. Musicians, both independent and established, will be given the opportunity for success due to Backtrack willing to connect them with the right contact and and avid audience.

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