Balderton Capital Secures $305M for European Series A Tech Investments


Balderton Capital Secures $305M for European Series A Tech Investments

One of Europe’s largest venture capital investor and behind successful companies like Betfair, Lovefilm, MySQL, NaturlaMotion and Yoox, Known as Balderton Capital, has recently announced the closing for its fifth European fund raising, with a total amount of $305 million and bringing its total funds up to $2.2 billion to invest in European technology startups.

Growing Opportunities.

This announcement follows up on the recent additional partnership of invest with strong operation backgrounds such as: the founder of blinx, Suranga Chandertillake, and Daniel Waterhouse, formerly of Yahoo and current board member for Hailo, Yplan, and EyeEm, had also joined the team during the late 2013.

These new funds will be used to increase the ever growing opportunities within the European technology sector. The fund  was raised form their currently limited partners as well as newly joined investor, the European Investment Fund.

General Partner at Balderton and founder of Business Objects, Bernard Liautaud, commented:

‘Over the last few years, we have refined our investment focus to double down on European early stage start-ups. Some of our earlier funds have been a mixture of series A and later stage investment. As with our last fund, this one is focused on Series A, where we currently see the greatest opportunities in Europe. Our goal is to be the first venture fund with an international outlook to invest in a company. The team’s strong operational experience gives us the expertise to back founders early and help build companies, which is why we are willing to take the risks and work with entrepreneurs at this earlier stage.’

Previous Investment. 

Balderton has been investing into companies since the year 2000, when it was previously named Benchmark Capital Europe, before rebranding sometime in 2007. It has backed some of Europe’s better known tech companies and has since manage to exist above $250 million then nearly any other European venture investor.

Bernard Liatuaud, had further comments to add on the subject of the increasing activity of European technology companies:

‘We’re seeing more companies than ever, with close to 10,000 businesses reaching out to us last year, and an increasing quality of entrepreneurs entering the technology sector.

Previously invested companies include, Betifair, which is currently worth $1.9 billion, LoveFilm, which as been acquired by Amazon, MySQL, acquired by Sun Microsystems, NaturalMotion, acquired by Zynga, and Yoox which is currently worth $2 billion and has an IPO in Milian. The total value of companies that’s been backed by Balderton is worth over $10 billion.

Current Portfolio.

The current portfolio has includes many identified as the possible next set of successful companies within Europe, these would be, Kobalt, Talend, Scytl, Wonga and Wooga, With recent investments including European companies such as GoCardless,, Vivin and Lyst.

When asked about the funding’s current strategy, Liautaud had commented that:

‘Our focus has been on building the most experienced investment team in Europe, with a background in building companies and helping them expand internationally. We’ve been fortunate to back companies that are changing entire industries, such as Kobalt in the UK that is revolutionising the music industry, or Scytl in Barcelona that is disrupting the way we vote. These companies have significant revenues and are leading their respective industries on a global scale, starting out from Europe.’

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