Beanarella Rolls Out 100% Compostable Single Coffee Serve Capsules.


Beanarella Rolls Out 100% Compostable Single Coffee Serve Capsules.

One of the leading coffee products manufacturers, Beanarella, has announced the launch of new environmentally friendly 100% biodegradable single serve coffee capsules for the billions of coffee connoisseurs across the world.


The new capsules were developed and launched by Beanarella’s team, a leading Swiss company that since 2012 has been focusing all its efforts in the provision of environmentally friendly and 100% compostable coffee capsules. The company has noted that despite the capsules being biodegradable, there are designed in a manner that does not affect the taste or flavor of the coffee. In light of this, Beanarella notes that coffee connoisseurs have a chance to enjoy their daily dose of caffeine without having to worry about the environmental impact of the coffee capsules they are using.

For the past 2 years Beanarella has continued to spare no efforts in offering efficient and environmentally friendly coffee making products. Although for many people the 100% biodegradable coffee capsules are the major highlight of the last two years, Beanarella has moved to note that it has released a number of other major and popular coffee products. The company observes that one of the major products is actually known as The PUK – a brewing coffee machine designed to fit even the smallest of kitchens. Beanarella has also confirmed that it is also behind other popular coffee machines in the market including Model 1 designed for espresso, the Fay which is an ideal coffee machine for cappuccino lovers and the ever popular office coffee maker dubbed The Office.


In its efforts to develop quality and environmental friendly coffee making and related products, Beanarella has been running a crowdfunding program at its page to raise money designed to fund its future projects. The provider has released a donations program and welcomed well wishers to take part in making a difference in the future of mother earth by promoting environmental friendly products and practices in the coffee industry. Beanarella notes that each person who contributes 5$ for its course will get a thank you note on its website.

Secondly, the provider has confirmed contributions of $30 and $70 will attract a signed thank you note from German Football legend David Odonkor and a signed Beanarella T-shirt respectively. The reward program doesn’t stop there though. The company invites potential contributors to take home the popular PUK coffee maker for a contribution of just $220. The Fay Espresso machine is also up for grabs with a donation of $350 but for those generous enough to part with $1000, there is a chance to take home the full package that includes an Espresso coffee maker, cups and a wooden display case. For more details on this noble course please click here.

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