Beats Music Finally Introduces it’s Services to iPads.


Beats Music Finally Introduces it’s Services to iPads.

It was only just recently when Beats Music had decided to teach about a possible launching of a native version of an iPad application through their twitter account. The on-demand music streaming service has only existed for quite a few months now and already it’s managed to acquire a respectable following. iOS users will most likely to be fill with joy as the version of 2.0 of Beats music has been release. This update comes along with a native support for Beats Music onto the iPad.


In the official changelog for the update the user interface has been described as “stylish and sophisticated” that has bee designed to specifically fit onto the iPad’s grandiose screen. The tablet application doesn’t pass over any features at all, this includes the likes of Just For You, Find It, Offline Mode and the Sentence that are without a doubt highly important tot he entirety of Beats Music experience.

Beats Music for the iPad also has a dedicated support for both portrait and landscape modes. During a recent minor update the iOS application received the capability to subscribe to Beats Music through in-app purchases. Previously it was impossible to subscribe through Apple’s in-app purchasing system.

One newly added minor feather for Beats Music on the iOS is the capability of being able to find and follow ones own friends from Twitter on the on-demand music streaming service. Even though the application is available for a free download, Beats Music itself requires a $9.99 per month subscription fee.

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