Beats Music Unleashes Their API For Public Developers.


Beats Music Unleashes Their API For Public Developers.

Beats Music has decide step up their game with the recent announcements from competitors like Spotify making acquiring their own API. Well as of Friday, Beats Music decide to make its own API public. Before this, the company was only releasing its API to a few selected partners to create integration devices with likeness of Sonos wireless speaker.

The Access and Interview.

Developers will now have access to Beats entire catalog that makes up over 20 million tracks with an addition to metadata, artist, and album art, along with personal recommendations and the teams very own curated content. The last being what makes Beat believe their services are far more unique compared to other streaming providers.

During an interview with CNet, Beats Music Chief Executive Ian C. Rogers, commented that it isn’t just about granting access to the catalog of music. Its more about the people who subscribed to premium music service that have premium music features. One should be allowed full access of the content at any play and any time as a subscriber.

What it’s All About.

That what open API are all really about, to allow developers into tapping the service and making it available for even more platforms.

Beats has also managed to create and release a source code for some application built in using their API. One example would be the MOG playlist mover, which will allow previous MOG users to move on their playlist to that of Beat Musics.  Beats had previously purchased MOG back in 2012 as the basis for their own music service.


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