Best Programming Language To Get Your Startup Up And Running


Best Programming Language To Get Your Startup Up And Running

A lot of entrepreneurs out there want to get their startup up and running. The biggest problem most entrepreneurs go through when trying to enter the tech scene is how to build your startup. You do not necessary need to know how to code in order to be successful in the tech world, but it does help to have a good knowledge of coding. If you have a technical co founder, you want to know what his problems are and what he is struggling with. If you are a project manager, it definitely helps to understand the languages. So, what’s the best programming language to get your startup up and running?

best programming language

Mobile Startup

If your startup idea is based on mobile app startups and solutions, it is best to tackle one of the mobile languages. People use Java for Android systems and Objective C for iphone system. Traditionally, your startup would need to code two separate apps in two different languages for two different platforms. Now there are a lot of cross platform languages, frameworks, as well as converters to make your life much easier. The faster you can prototype a MVP, the faster your product will enter the market.


Java’s learning curve is extremely steep, but it is also one of the most popular and most used programming languages out there. It is a must for mobile app startups. Java can be used for service side programming beyond mobile apps. A lot of top software and gaming companies incorporate java.

Pros: Extremely powerful language, Rich API, Wonderful community, Huge database of open source softwares, All in one language, Free, Extremely popular

Cons: Steep learning curve, Annoying syntax, More difficult to get prototypes up and running, Time Consuming

Objective C

Objective C has gained much more popularity lately. Most people will use this for their iphone or apple related mobile apps. Most of this is coded through Xcode on a mac computer. Objective-C is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that adds additional features to the C programming language. It is the main programming language used by Apple for the OS X and iOS operating systems. It is also the main language used with Cocas, a game coding platform. For those that want to create iphone games or iphone related apps, take a shot at learning Objective C. The learning curve is still steep, but most people have claimed that it is easier to learn than Java. It is one of the best programming language to get your startup up and running for a mobile platform.

Pros: Access to all Apple development libraries, Excellent documentation, Fully compatible with Cocoas, Great community, Powerful all around language

Cons : Steep learning curve, apple focused, Need knowledge of basic C programming language

Web app/Web based Startup

While mobile startups are becoming more and more popular, web based startups are also rising as well. Prototyping a web app is quicker than a mobile app most of the time. For web based startup it is extremely crucial that you understand the MVC framework model. Here’s an excellent article explaining how the MVC model works.  Most startups are actually web app based. With the following powerful programming languages, you can create anything from travel booking websites to blogs to intensive algorithm scraping.



Most programmers would recommend that this be the first language you tackle. Actually, some elementary schools are teaching kids how to use python with interactive learning video games. Python has a very low learning curve and can be picked up within days. But like every other language, to be successful, you have to beyond that. Python’s low learning curve allows you to catch on quickly, prototype your app, and get things running while learning along the way. In order to code a web app, python itself is not enough. You will need a web framework as explained above. The most popular web framework for python is Django. Once you understand the MVC model python and django could be the best programming language to get your startup up and running.

Pros: Powerful language, fast scripting, huge community, easy to learn, many modules.

Cons: None


Ruby on rails have gained lots of attention from the programming community in the last few years. Traditionally most web startups are coded in either python or PHP. Facebook is a great example of PHP, but now people are moving onto Ruby on Rails. Rails is a MVC model based web framework, while Ruby is a solid server side language much like python. The learning curve is extremely low as well. The syntax is easy to read and understand. The documentation is excellent and most importantly, the growing community can provide excellent assistance when needed. Scripting and building web apps with rails is the new programming trend.

Pros: Easy to learn, growing community, a lot of “gems”, powerful language

Cons: None

In the end, which language should you learn? If you are unfamiliar with coding at all, you should check out HTML and CSS which is the basic design language that is extremely to learn. You can pick up any of these languages free on and

Codeeval released a 2014 report with the most popular coding languages. Check out the link here:



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  • F.Witzer

    No cons for Ruby? really? How about it not being able to scale to any reasonable levels?
    I wonder if Java is buoyed by Android? Java seems like such an enterprise language these days, to slow for startups

    • Claudiu Ion

      scale for reasonable levels?

      how about this:

      ruby mri, rails 4, -> 6 milions users per month.
      scalling is about design, not about language. if you are a troll, please do not reply

      • F.Witzer

        meant scale in a cost efficient way.. yeah, anything can scale if you put enough other cost absorbing layers around it. Even DHH admits to various performance issues with Ruby and Rails…. it’s not just trolling…

        • Claudiu Ion

          if you write a web app in c language, that suppose to be a fast instance messages system, but you’re design is a cms, then it will be slow :)
          also, when a company is preparing to become the next or twitter is like buying woods for the next ice age. most of the start-ups dies because of the idea, not because of tech.

  • Kranthi Kiran

    Surprised to see Node.js out of this. After working on with Java for more than a year, we switched to node.js and got similar amount of work done in a few months.

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