Best Startups To Work For In Silicon Valley


Best Startups To Work For

The startup scene has attracted a lot of ivy league students. For the qualified individuals that are receiving a lot of offers, it might be difficult to choose a startup that gives them the most benefits. Every young graduating individual wants to work for Google, but that isn’t always possible. Below is a list of alternatives that young and smart individual can choose from.


Eventbrite is a ticketing company that allows people to create event and collect money for tickets.

Why is Eventbrite one of the best startups to work for?

Working at Eventbrite means being part of a community. From biking together to breakfast, to team outings at the trampoline park, the Britelings have fun in and outside of the office. Eventbrite offers a unique “Zen Room” which allows employees to take a nap, get a quick massage, and most importantly relax the mind. Another benefit is their “BriteTalk”, which is a set of various bootcamp sections for employees to learn new things. On top of those two benefits EventBrite offers fully fresh top quality catered food, transportation stipend, and a fitness center making it one of the best startups to work for.

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Most of us are familiar with what this Silicon Valley based startup does, but not everyone knows the benefits for working at Dropbox.

Why is Dropbox one of the best startups to work for?

Most of us that use dropbox frequently knows that if you are using dropbox heavily, the service can get pricey. If you are an employee at Dropbox, you have unlimited storage quota for your cloud storing needs. Dropbox allows employees to have extremely flexible hours. Most employees have the option to take unlimited breaks, work remotely, and snack anytime they want at their wonderful Tuck Shop. Dropbox also offers free laundry service for those individuals who’s lazy to do laundry at home. Still not relaxed enough? Dropbox offers band sessions where you can jam with other employees and have a great time during work! Amazing!

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Facebook, the popular social media platform, is one of the best startups to work for in Silicon Valley. Did you know that a regular Facebook internship pays around $7000 per month? Insane right? Not yet, if you are from an ivy league school you get paid bonus on top of the $7000. Facebook does this because the schools are close to their headquarters, so Facebook wants to treat you well before graduation.

Why is Facebook one of the best startups to work for?

On top of the bonus, employees can participate in game days where employees have a blast playing video games. There is also Hacker’s friday where developers can work on their own projects aside of facebook. There’s also a lot of recreational activities such as playing football, pingpong, pool and much more. Putting all the fun stuff aside, Facebook also offers one of the most flexible vacation plans. Facebook offers up to 21 days off per year!

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Evernote is the cloud note taking startup that top entrepreneurs like Tim Ferris praises. Evernote allows you to create quick to do list, take pictures, send files and all of your data saves under their cloud, so you will never lose a thing.

Why is Evernote one of the best startups to work for?

Evernote provides all of its employees with free house cleaning service and unlimited vacation time. Twice a month evernote will send professional house keepers to you for free. The CEO stats that employees shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about their rooms not being clean, so Evernote will send a professional to clean it for you! Technically you only get 14 days off on your first year of employment, but CEO Phil Libin, says that technically you can take as much time off as you want as long as you get your work done. One of the most stress free and best startups to work for.

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Airbnb is a startup based in silicon valley that allows regular homeowners to list their house as bed and breakfast stays. Most expats and frequent travelers use this service to find cheap housing. Airbnb deals with all the security deposit for you saving you lots of time and allows you to make rental money seamlessly.

Why is Airbnb one of the best startups to work for?

If your a person that loves to travel, Airbnb will give you up to $2000 per year to travel! Airbnb also get discounts on the Airbnb service while they are traveling. If traveling the world is not enough for you, Airbnbers get to bring their pets to work, every day, they go sailing together, have a pingpong table, have weekly Yoga classes at work and get to eat organic lunches on a daily basis. On top of all that, Airbnb employees also get free meals and refreshers making their working experience an amazing place to be.

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Zynga is a leading game development company that had its ups and downs. Despite the fact that Zynga laid some employees off, Zynga is still indeed one of the best startups to work for in silicon valley.

Why is Zynga one of the best startups to work for?

If you are a gamer, you will love Zynga, not only because it is a top notch gaming company but because of the game room benefits that they offer. Zynga adapts the “cool company culture” for gaming where you have unlimited access to their game room that includes all the latest games from Xbox360 to Playstation 4 and more. To enhance your relaxation Zynga offers  onsite massage, reflexology, acupuncture, and even hair cuts. Yup free haircuts. They also offer pet insurance for their employees because Zynga believes that pets are apart of their family as well.

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StumbleUpon is the website you want to be on if you want to kill boredom. Known for it’s stumble button, stumbleupon allows you to discover new content through random link submissions. Stumble your way through stumbleupon to find interesting articles.

Why is StumbleUpon one of the best startups to work for?

StumbUpon offers an amazing art program that allows employees to attend art showcase for free. If you are an art enthusiast stumbleupon is the place to be! On top of that StumbleUpon offers its employees team outings , onsite therapy , gym reimbursements, uber car service reimbursements, full coverage insurance, 401k match and many more.

Here is a video of employees talking about Stumbleupon’s awesomeness:



Everyone who enjoys or loves social media knows about Pinterest. Pinterest is a social media gallery platform that allows users to pin images from websites or from their computer. Pinterest has grown insanely over the last few years and continues to grow by the day.

Why is Pinterest one of the best startups to work for?

Pinterest offers one of the best compensations when it comes to equipments and supplies. Pinterest will set you up with new Apple equipment or whatever you need to be productive. Pinterest also offer discounted Verizon plans and commuter benefits like free Caltrain passes and MiFi wireless. Pinterest has an awesome work environment where the staffs throw 5 minute dance parties to loosen everyone up! Like a lot of other startups, Pinterest also offer free yoga sessions and awesome sports clubs.

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