The Best Website Hosting For Your Product That Won’t Screw You Over


The Best Website Hosting For Your Product That Won’t Screw You Over

If your app or product is fully finished and you already have a bunch of investors or funding, then the best website hosting to use is Amazon’s web services. Amazon’s web services provide stability, extreme scalability, excellent customer support, and easy to use. There is a catch though, it is kind of pricey especially if you are getting a lot of traffic. If you are just starting out with a brand new product, then there are other options we could explore to get things up and running. After all, a MVP is most important if you haven’t reached the funding or recruiting rounds yet. I will go through top 3 website hosting that most people that own a website use. I’ve personally tried all three and know the ins and outs of all three.


Bluehost is the best website hosting that I have used, but it isn’t perfect. If you are looking to start a quick blog or a quick easy ecommerce website then without a doubt Bluehost is the way to go. It offers one click easy install for wordpress, cheap and extremely reliable hosting, unlimited domains, free domains, and many more other options that makes your website easy and simple. Bluehost also comes with free advertising for Google Adwords, Bing, Twitter, and Facebook ads.

If it is so good then why isn’t it perfect? As mentioned above, Bluehost is the quickest and most easy way to get WordPress or a simple blog running, but my experience with the support has been terrible. Bluehost also “hides” a lot of limits from you. Their way of hiding it is not telling you about it. Basically if one day your blog explodes with a spike or your starting to receive a high amount of traffic, Bluehost might randomly send you an email telling you that you have went over your limit and now they must shut down your site. We definitely don’t want that happening.

To sum it up


  • Very affordable and reliable. Rarely run into problems
  • Extremely fast install for WordPress
  • Free advertising Google adwords/Facebook/Twitter/Bing
  • Free domains/unlimited domains
  • Easy upgrades for future
  • Overall Best Website Hosting


  • Terrible and long wait support
  • Confusing backend for the inexperience
  • Hidden limits

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This is the average website hosting provider out of the three that I will be mentioning. Godaddy does well balancing the pros and cons, but again it’s one of those that isn’t perfect and doesn’t stand out to me. Each time I purchase a new domain whether it is for a blog, for a client, for a new prototype, I want to fire it up right away. Godaddy has a simple checkout system and a simple to use backend interface. The problem is the wait time. It takes time for Godaddy to register all your information. Some of my websites took around 12-30 hours before it allowed me to install WordPress. Even then, the WordPress installation was extremely slow.

What I like about Godaddy? It is extremely fast and reliable. I’ve never ran into any loading or caching speed problems with Godaddy. There were times where the site was down, but that rarely happened. The checkout process is extremely quick and access to all your cpanels and FTP is extremely easy. The support is the worse. Not only was I put on hold for a long period of time, they were also unable to determine the problem of one of my issues. Pricing isn’t the best, but you can always use a ton of coupons to make it cheap.

I think Godaddy is an ok website hosting. Godaddy never gave me a lot of frustration neither did it make it really happy. To sum it up:


  • Fast website hosting
  • Decently Reliable
  • Organized cPanel
  • Coupons make pricing cheap
  • Easy domain add ons


  • Terrible Support
  • Takes forever to get things installed and running
  • Occasional downtime
  • Hidden Limits As Well
  • Additional fees for additional services

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Hostgator is like my bread and butter. I started off with hostgator and I’m still currently using Hostgator, but I don’t really enjoy it. The only reason I’m still on hostgator is because I have premium discounted plans here and the account executives have been treating me well.

Hostgator is ridiculously slow compared to the two above. Sometime my pages does not load at all. They have the highest pricing and the quickest to suspend your account once you hit your limit. They usually won’t even send you a warning message. The backend interface is nothing like the two above. The FTP is usually quite annoying as well. So unless you already have an account with Hostgator, you should stay away.

One thing that Hostgator did do well for me is their support. Ok well, I was put on hold for 1 hour and 20 minute when fixing a server limit issue, but after the call got through, the support worked really hard to help me find out what was going on. The whole process took about 4 hours, but nevertheless I saw his hardwork and in the end the problem was fixed.


  • Supports do their job


  • Slow
  • Annoying FTP
  • Instant suspensions
  • Fake limits

Overall terrible

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