Bibao Allows You To Trade Bitcoin On Mobile With Zero Transaction Fees


Bibao Allows You To Trade Bitcoin On Mobile With Zero Transaction Fees

Despite all the negativity, Bitcoin isn’t coming to an end anytime soon, at least not in China. Today one of China’s bitcoin developer named Bihang just launched a new bitcoin mobile app called Bibao. This app is targeted towards currency traders who need to monitor their bitcoin status frequently. The app is aimed towards monitoring Bitcoin and Litecoin.


The UX and interface of this app is amazing compared to other stock market apps. One of the most amazing features of this app is the ability for you to trade bitcoin/litecoin within the app and as of it Bibao will not take any transaction fee from you. The app is extremely stable. With Bibao you can watch exchange rates of Bitcoin or Litecoin on major Chinese virtual currency exchanges and historical charts. Like with any other traditional stock market pricing app, you can set alerts so you know exactly when you need to let go or buy some more Bitcoins.

This is an all in one bitcoin ticker app that comes with a very nice looking news feed. There is a tab on the top that you can select that will lead you to a feed of news articles that’s related to bitcoin and litecoin. Photo from TN



Bihang is a China based bitcoin startup that develops bitcoin app and solutions. They are the main developers of this Bibao project. Bihang is founded by Changhao Jiang, former research scientist at Facebook, and Hao Wang who used to work at Goldman Sachs on transactional technologies. Prior to this, Bihang has developed bitcoin wallets in China as well as a bitcoin trading platform.

Through a friend and a casual meeting Bihang’s founders had the opportunity to connect with one of China’s known VCs, Feng Li. Feng Li and IDG partners (VC firm in China) believed in the team and also believed in the potential of bitcoins. Feng Li decided to invest in Bihang and recommended them to join the Microsoft Accelerator in China in which they are currently apart of right now. As of now, Bibao said that this will be the main product that they will be focusing on. The founders believe that mobile is much more attracting and convenient.

Bitcoin’s popularity is still growing rapidly in China. More and more applications and solutions are being created in China for bitcoin.

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