BigDoor Launches New Analytics Dashboard for Partners.


BigDoor Launches New Analytics Dashboard for Partners.

BigDoor, a global leader in loyalty whose software platform helps the world’s biggest brands in retail, restaurant/dining, entertainment, travel/hospitality, telecommunications and publishing increase customer engagement, reward users and build sustained consumer relationships, today announced the introduction of a new Analytics Dashboard.

An upgrade to the BigDoor platform that currently engages 75 million consumers around the world, the Analytics Dashboard takes the company’s rich and robust data and makes it approachable and accessible for partners.

“Our clients do a tremendous job of creating loyalty programs that are both a great customer experience and a key business driver for their companies, and today’s launch helps them make the most of BigDoor’s platform,” says Keith Smith Co-Founder and CEO of BigDoor. “We believe data needs to tell a story, be real-time, reliable and actionable. Our new reporting dashboard is designed with these components in mind.”

Loyalty Program

Key Metrics, Benchmarking and Better Data Access

BigDoor’s Analytics Dashboard keeps three key loyalty metrics – registration lift, engagement lift and retention lift – front and center, so partners can see the impact that their loyalty programs are having on their business at all times.

The Analytics Dashboard also offers new benchmark reports, which enable partners to compare their 30-day averages against a random and anonymous sampling of BigDoor partners in their industry. This adds context for companies when they’re gauging the success of their loyalty programs.

And, finally, BigDoor’s Analytics Dashboard provides partners with better visualizations and accessibility, because they can easily log in to the BigDoor Platform and see up-to-date data.

Revamping Reporting

In addition to these core features, BigDoor’s Analytics Dashboard totally revamps reporting:

  •     Registration Reporting – Helps partners quickly know if their loyalty programs are growing or stagnating
  •     Engagement Reporting – Helps partners understand how users are interacting and engaging with their loyalty programs
  •     Retention Reporting – Helps partners hold and grow their customer bases by easily measuring and tracking retention
  •     Program Economy Reporting – Helps partners get a full-picture view of how their loyalty programs are performing through program currency details, reward redemptions, quest details and badge activity details

Concludes BigDoor’s Smith: “All of these features and upgrades help make the Analytics Dashboard an absolute must for partners as they develop, implement, expand and improve their loyalty programs. We’re trying to help drive revenue for brands in a meaningful and sustainable way, and that means acquiring and retaining legions of satisfied customers day in and day out.”

BigDoor-powered loyalty programs have a proven track record when it comes to helping partners increase revenue. A large national retailer, for example, directly attributes the following results to the BigDoor platform:

  •     55% increase in purchase behavior for registered members
  •     12% increase in total revenue

Meanwhile, for its part, BigDoor, founded in 2009, reported 40% revenue growth for the first half of 2014.

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