Bill Gates Calls Half of Silicon Valley Startups “Silly.”


Bill Gates Calls Half of Silicon Valley Startups “Silly.”

Bill Gates, The man behind the success of Microsoft, has commented on how he considers half of Silicon Valley startups  “silly” and the price that Facebook paid for WhatsApp was “higher than I would expected’.

“Innovation in California is at its absolute peak right now. Sure, half of the companies are silly, and you know two-thirds of them are going to go bankrupt, but the dozen or so ideas that emerge out of that are going to be really important,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Microsoft Tech Adviser.

Bill Gates has recently returned to Microsoft as their “technology adviser”, which plans to only spend a third of his time, with the rest concentrating of his charity work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which he runs alongside his wife.

“Satya [Nadella, Microsoft chief executive] has asked me to review the product plans and come in and help make some quick decisions and pick some new directions,” he said.

Gates Thoughts on WhatsApp Acquisition.

With Gates recent comment on Facebook’s recent $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, he willingly admitted that Mircrosoft “would have been willing to buy it” but not at the price Mark Zuckerberg paid for.

“I think his aggressiveness is wise – although the price is higher than I would have expected. It shows that user bases are extremely valuable,” he said.

“We’re both Harvard dropouts, we both had strong, stubborn views of what software could do. I give him more credit for shaping the user interface of his product. He’s more of a product manager than I was. I’m more of a coder, down in the bowels and the architecture, than he is. But, you know, that’s not that major of a difference. I start with architecture, and Mark starts with products, and Steve Jobs started with aesthetics.”

Robotic Advancement.

He continued on with expressing his surprise about how little technology has advanced is that there are “less robots than I would have guessed” “less robots than I would have guessed” but that these industries will possible begin to take a firm root within the next five couple of years.


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  • Waileka Wright

    Bill Gates picked Satya Nadella because he is a yes-sir-no-sir-three-bags-full-SIR! indian. I knew Gates was up to something and now we know. He realizes Microsoft is in TROUBLE, and things he can put a puppet in place and then control the strings. Time will tell if he is right but I’m not betting on Gates. Too little too late, and Gates is not that smart, no matter what you think. You work with him as I did, once, you’ll know his family had ‘pull’ and he is an a hole who doesn’t love the USA. EFF him.

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