Bill Gates Now Owns Less of Microsoft.


Bill Gates Now Owns Less of Microsoft.

It’s been recently found out, that for the very first time in Microsoft’s long history, Bill Gates is no longer the company’s largest individual shareholder.

The Info.

A recent stock sale by the software giant’s former chief executive has shown in a regulatory filing during the previous week reduced his holdings on the company to a 330.1 million shares. putting him in second place, right behind fellow former CEO Steve Ballmer, who owns a total of 333 million shares, according to his most recent proxy statement. Ballmer retired during February with the announcement that Satya Nadella has been appointed as the company’s new CEO.

The switch happened when Gates, who had founded the company back in 1975 and served as its CEO until the year 200, old over 4.6 million shares during April 30, according to a noticed filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday and first noticed by GeekWire. Both of these men own around 4 percent of the company’s shares each,

No More.

Gates has sold over 80 million shares Annually each of the past 12 years under a preset trading plan to continue funding his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. During this current pace, Gates will have no direct ownership stake on the company by mid 2018.

At the current moment we are waiting further updates from Microsoft about this recent event.

Even with his second place setting, Gates is still the richest person with a fortune that’s been estimated to total around $76 billion, Gates has pledge to give away a large sum of his fortune away towards charity. He has already donated more than $28 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Which works on the eradication of all sorts of diseases, from malaria to polio.

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