Billboard and Twitter Team Up to Create A ‘Real-Time Music Charts’


Billboard and Twitter Team Up to Create A ‘Real-Time Music Charts’

Twitter continues to spread its wings with its recently added series of features and improved tweaking on the social network, while continuing to create new partnerships with various businesses and organizations. The recent deal to be stricken by Twitter took place with Billboard Music during this pass Thursday.


Twitter has decided to partner up with Billboards with hopes in capitalizing on the conversation surrounding the subject of music that tends to take place on the micro-blogging site. Twitter has been very popular with musicians, who use the social media site to promote their latest albums towards fans old and new, along with alerts of a new music video, upcoming concert and other developments. Music lovers are also highly active users on Twitter, with discussion of their favorite artist, songs, and genre.

Both Twitter and Billboard wish to analyze the user data to create an accurate, real-time measurement of which music is currently the hottest trending topic. Billboard has been a charting music for decades, but information tends to move faster in this digital age, so Billboard wants a hand of help from Twitter to more accurately chart the progression and trends of the music industry.

“Billboard has always been the standard by which music popularity is measured, and Twitter and its millions of users worldwide have added an entirely new dimension and pace to the way the marketplace interacts with, and evaluates, music and music-makers,” said Janice Min, Co-President and Chief Creative Officer of the Entertainment Group of Guggenheim Media. “The Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts, a natural extension for media brands so in sync in the music space, stands to once again dramatically shape the conversation around the content and the business.”

The Decision.

Twitter decision behind this was not only to work with the much experience music business like Billboard, but also in hopes that music news will become even more accessible for its user then it previously was.

“Twitter is where the music of the moment is discovered and discussed – every day, new songs and new artists are breaking on the platform,” said Bob Moczydlowsky, the head of Twitter music. “We’re partnering with Billboard to create a ground-breaking chart to track the conversation around music as it happens. This means when artists share songs and engage with their audience on Twitter, the buzz they create will now be visible to fans, other musicians and industry decision makers in real-time.”

To put it simple, this partnership is going to be all about Twitters attempt to turn their social networking site into a by-the-minute analysis of social trends, topics, and conversations. If any of their users wishes to know whats currently happening around the world, Twitter will become a big source of updated information,so to speak.

“Billboard has extensive experience building charts that are trusted by both the music industry and consumers which made them the perfect partner for us,” said Conway Chen, Director of Business Development at Twitter. “Twitter’s data is unique in that it represents a comprehensive view of the world’s conversation about anything and everything, including music. These charts will leverage our combined strengths to provide a reliable and unprecedented look into what music matters most to the public in any given moment.”

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