Bitcasa Announces Chromecast Support for Android.


Bitcasa Announces Chromecast Support for Android.

The company that makes storage simple, Bitcasa has recently announced that it will have support for Chromecast in its latest release for the Android.

The updated Android application will support Chromecast streaming and enable users to stream digital content from their Bitcasa application straight through their Television, extending Bitcasa’s commitment to creating a users digital content eve more accessible.

“With native Chromecast support, parents can now capture a baby’s first steps on a mobile, save it directly to the Bitcasa app, then re-live the moment on their TV with friends and family,” says Bitcasa CEO, Brian Taptich. “This will also enable users to consume videos, music and images on their mobile in ‘lean-back’ mode, as well as in a group setting. This is another step in Bitcasa’s mission to make files easily accessible on any device, anywhere.”


This latest update has placed Bitcasa along side other brands such as HBO, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora and Netflix as services that support the Chromecast streaming. Bitcasa also plans to extend its Chromcast support to include mobile and web application, allowing users to turn their Bitcasa accounts into a cloud-based media center for all viewings, mobile, desktop and TV.

Bitcasa has been designed to be more effectively store, stream and share digital content such as movies and music, providing a central content hub that’s easily accessible from all devices. The company’s patent technology and client-side encryptions offers its users a complete data privacy and security, as well as streaming and sharing.

The recent Bitcasa Android update will also be including a localization in Russian, reflecting its growing demand within European market. Bitcasa will now be supporting over 12 languages. The latest version of Bitcasa Android application can be downloaded form the Google Play store.

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