Bitpay’s Bitcore Open Source Code For Bitcoin.


Bitpay’s Bitcore Open Source Code For Bitcoin.

Bitcoins have been gaining a huge amount of attentions over the past couple of months, whether they be from the various scandals circulating around it, towards business taking a heavy interest and picking it up as another source of payment. Recently a major bitcoin processor, by the name of BitPay, has released a project that they had been hard at work on. The name of it is called Bitcore.

Bitcore is an open source Javascript library that will allow developers to easily create applications and various tools for bitcoin. With the help of bitcore, many entry level developers and coders will have an easier time creating software for the virtual currency. This also opens up an all new way for API that many developers where unfortunately forced to rely upon and allows the develops to connect directly with the Bitcoin network.

With this vast improvement of  empowering tools and easier access for develops, The bitcoin community will soon receive and even greater surge of application and software designed to make bitcoin useful for the average Joe. This move is really amazing for BitPay to do, since the library could potentially lead for other to appear and compete with Bitpay, which enable the acceptance of bitcoins for vendors.

“Developers starting with Bitcore will have to spend less time working on the low level protocol details and can focus on building more user friendly tools and services,” BitPay CTO Stephen Pair. “We hope that this will result in easier to use and more secure Bitcoin software for the average person.”


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