BlackBerry Upgrades BBM With New Stickers And Shop.


BlackBerry Upgrades BBM With New Stickers And Shop. 

Blackberry recent strategy for some revenue seems too be commented to BlackBerry Messenger, which currently has over 80 million monthly active users all over the world till use the software today. While it does not involve ads, or even words actually, the profits will revolve around digital stickers that be sent to any listed friends.

Sticky Emoticons.

BlackBerry’ version of stickers is somewhat similar to that of emoji, except bigger. During February, BBM announced it was implementing the sticker packs for BBM into beta testing, which users could purchase for only two dollars.

“Unlike emoticons, stickers are bolder, more beautiful images that you can add right in to your chat,” Sean Hungerford, head of Product Management for BBM, said in a blog post. “Each sticker pack will contain between 20-25 stickers relating to a theme or a character.”

The stacks will be purchasable at a price started at $1.99 in the BBM Shop, which will be launched out of beta some time today.

“Stickers is the first product inside the virtual goods platform,” David Proulx, senior director of BBM, told sources. “What we’re deploying is a framework for merchandising and targeting, for transactions to occur within the applications that can be applied to different goods and services going forward.”

Although the main challenge for messenger applications looking to monetize is that using banners barely work. Advertisers would ranter not invade a space user might feel is easier safe, private, or even sacred, and constant add pop ups can get annoying real fast. Now the BBM Shop on the other hand, draws up a clear separation between where the money is made and where the action, the case being text messaging for this, actually occurs.

Lucrative Business.

The downloadable content application purchasing economy is quite a lucrative business. During its peak, Candy Crush Saga was said to making a large amount of $994.344 a day from their players purchasing extra turns and increase power-ups. Consumers consider the pay to buy items a normal occurrence and seem unfazed in paying some extra cash for a piece of useless virtual item.

There are plenty of risk when it comes towards this move, BBM users can choose to ignore the new shop altogether. There would be no point of them purchasing some glorified emoji pack when BBM already has dozes and dozens of other perfectly good emoticons. Maybe appealing towards certain fan bases would motivate them into purchasing the stickers to send to other friends. The WWE ha decided to throw in their brand of sticker in order to promote the up and coming Wrestlemania 20 event, and it will be available for free.

“Messaging has many ways it can be mobilized,” adds Proulx. “It is not a single-purpose utility.”

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