Blackphone Leads To A Better Encryption For Smartphone Users.


Blackphone Leads To A Better Encryption For Smartphone Users.

With all the recent talk and worries of the NSA getting involved with everyone personal information, encryption have been a source only cryptographers and other privacy advocates could easily obtain. But now, Thanks to a recent company by the name of Silent Circle everyone will have a much easier time making their smartphone much more private.

The Spanish Team Up.

The company managed to team up with a small Spanish smartphone producer named Geekphone, to being the creation of the ever first encrypted smartphone, which will bring a means to provide a more secure communication without any trouble at all. This little gizmo was revealed to the world on Monday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Blackphone Specs

The spec for the Blackphone is in pretty good standards, with a 4.7inch touchscreen, 2GHz quad-core processor and 16GB of storage space. The special thing about this phones its the modified Android operating system that has been given the name of PrivatOS. This little number offers from searches done anonymously, a greater control over permissible applications , and periodic security updates.

The phone will also come with some of the latest application created by Silent Circle themselves, which allow you to send encrypted text messages, video calls, phones calls and transferring files. alongside with SpiderOak, one of the latest encrypted cloud storage.

The Astonishing Price

While this phone seems like a really nice gadget to buy, the price for it is an outstanding $629 for the Blackphone. Not only that but to use this to its full affect, the person you send a text or phone call with Silent Circle, must own one of the same software as well, and believe me its not cheap at all. The purchase of the Blackphone comes with a two year subscription of to the service, which would normally be $249, and also comes the SpiderOak subscription with add a whooping $120 more to the price tag.


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