Blippar Show The World A True Augmented Reality


Blippar Show The World A True Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is starting to become a actual thing in the coming future, thanks to such technology like Google Glasses, but with this recent startup by the name of Blippar, you can use said glasses to recognize certain products or images, and call up any known information about the.

The CEO and co-founder of Blippar, Ambarish Mitra, has introduced this application at the 2014 Mobile World Congress In Barcelona. Mr. Mitra has commented on the fact that this software might be the first image recognition application for Google Glasses.

Explanation Behind Blippar

This technology that is behind Blippar has already been done for the mobile phones, and exist as an app. The app allows the users to scan any product or image and gather more information that will appear on the phone. This company has worked with a large number of well know brands, such as the Hienz ketchup company, and Coca-Cola. Publishers such as Time Inc, and Meredith have also been reaching out and have extend their services of print page onto mobile phones.

The User’s Interaction With Blippar

Ambarish Mitra has stated that the new Glass application can have a serious impact for both marketing and media. But, Unlike in certain movies where you seen future tech of ads popping up and filling the air with nonsense, consumers consistently being pitched by all sorts of marketers to buy their latest products. The technology will instead animate the objects and print pages that can be easily ignored by the user.

“It’s not like a Coke can push an ad in front of you as you’re walking down the street,” he told sources. Users choose to interact with a product or print ad.

21st century beauty: Google Glass with Blippar could enhance an advert for foundation, for example. The camera on Google Glass could be used to scan the skin tone of the wearer¿s hand and then recommend which shade will suit them most


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