Blue Bottle Coffee Acquires LA’s Handsome Coffee and Tonx.


Blue Bottle Coffee Acquires LA’s Handsome Coffee and Tonx.

Oakland-based Blue Bottle Coffee has recently announced that it has managed to acquire Handsome Coffee Roasters. The Art District coffee shop had just recently celebrated its two-year anniversary in February, but Micheal Philips, one of the last remaining founders, who will also be joining the Blue Bottle team in a development role, commented that this acquisition was definitely a positive thing..

“There’s arguably something bittersweet when a creation of yours disappears. But in the same vein, it is one of the most impressive validations for the work we’ve done,” Phillips said.

Increasing Presence.

Blue Bottle’s acquisition of both Handsome Coffee Roasters, as well as another fellow Los Angeles coffee house named Tonx, highlights the roaster’s plans for increasing its presence within Los Angeles. Which first began in 2014 when the company signed a lease on cafe spaces in Venice and Culver City. Blue Bottle will now have a group of software specialists for e-commerce, according to the press release.

Founding during August of 2002, Blue Bottle has six cafes and a mobile farmers market cart running within the Bay Area, and has five locations in New York as well. Furthermore, Blue Bottle has signed a lease for a Tokyo location that supposed to open up within the next twelve months.

Positive Reaction.

Handsome Coffee was founded during April 2011 by Philips, Chris Owens and Tyler Wells. Both Owens and Wells have left the company in order to pursue other ventures. The roastery and coffee bar located at 582 Mateo St. will transition into Blue Bottle’s very first Los Angeles cafe and production space sometime in the summer. All employees working for Handsome at the moment, have been offered positions with Blue Bottle, Philips said.

Blue Bottle’s founder and CEO James Freeman, commented that the acquisition of both Handsome and Tonx is an opportunity to learn from a successful and effective team.

“The Handsome folks are an incredibly skilled and passionate team, and we’re thrilled to have them aboard,” he said in a prepared statement.

Philips further elaborated by saying that customers should expect some changes when it comes to the menu, although he did not divulge on what kind of changes one might expect.

 “I’m going to have to let that great debate rage on in mystery for a while,” he said.

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