BlueTalon Launches With $1.5 Million In Seed Funding.


BlueTalon Launches With $1.5 Million In Seed Funding.

An up and coming startup by the name of BlueTalon has recently decided to make it self known publicly sometime during this Friday, by introducing a new technology that will allow people to collaborate on data stored in databases much like must would collaborate on documents using a similar services like Google Apps or Box. The company has manage to raise around $1.5 million in seed funding with the help from a still early staged venture capital firm by the name of Data Collective.

The technology behind BlueTalon’s up coming success has been named Virtual Database, this cloud will essentially as a medium between brokers who wish to access the data sets between the owners and the individuals they wish to share this information with. Any one who wishes to contribute data to BlueTalon service will have to connect to the database and set up policies on who is allowed to see specific data. When a collaboration is running queries, the Virtual Database can be customized to include the data the individual user is allowed to access, then they can connect a analytic program to the database without the knowledge of know the type of database or it current location.

“We disaggregate where you get the information from where the information physically resides,” BlueTalon CEO Eric Tilenius explained. He acknowledged it will probably quite difficult to use unlike using Box or Dropbox, but noted that “we’re trying to get an order of magnitude [improvement]in the user experience in the same way that they did.”

“The ultimate problem that someone is trying to solve is data contributors really just want to offload the burden of servicing the users,” company Founder and President Pratik Verma said. It’s just like putting data into and viewing a cloud database, he added, “but [with]none of the headaches of copying and pasting the data there.”


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