Body Labs Releases a Revolutionary Scan-to-3D Body Model App.


Body Labs Releases a Revolutionary Scan-to-3D Body Model App.

Body Labs, Inc., which provides the world’s most advanced digital body platform for creating and acquiring products and services, announces the public beta release of a new web application – Body Snap. With this app, anyone can use a single Microsoft Kinect to take full body scans and quickly convert these scans to highly accurate 3D body models.

Body Snap.

Body Snap, now in public beta release, enables customers to scan a subject with a static Kinect sensor by capturing four views of the subject as the person turns around. This technology eliminates the need for an operator to wave a sensor around the scanned subject or scan using multiple Kinect sensors. In addition, the app will automatically upload the scan to BodyHub, where the user can retrieve their 3D body model.

This 3D body model can be used in a wide variety of applications, including custom clothing design and production, and gaming character creation. With a body model of their customer, custom clothing companies can streamline production by instantly extracting measurements and have a highly accurate visualization of this client’s shape. Want to be in a video game? Using Mixamo Fuse, anyone can upload their body model and then create and animate their own character. And soon, many more applications – from apparel and equipment design to fitness apps and recommendation engines — will be able to personalize products and services with a user’s 3D body model.

“Our end goal is to organize all the information and data related to human body shape,” said Body Labs’ CEO William O’Farrell. “The release of Body Snap signals the rapidly growing availability of inexpensive scanning capabilities, and means that over the next several years anyone and everyone will be able to have their own 3D body model. These models and the analytics generated from them will enable businesses to design and match their offerings to individual consumers. We encourage all early developers to test Body Snap and take part in the 3D revolution.”

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