Boston Startup iLaw Has Recently Launched its Self-learning Videos.


Boston Startup iLaw Has Recently Launched its Self-learning Videos. 

Hiring a Layer has continued to become increasing cost-prohibitive for most Americans, as the average private attorney tends to charge over $284.00 per hour. Even though there seems to be and endless supply of new attorneys graduating every year, ever-day issues like eviction, DUI and simple domestic matter cost litigant thousand of dollars of fees, fees that an overwhelming majority of Americans can’t possible afford.


Recently, iLaw has announced its launching. In an effort to fulfill all the needs of thousand of pro litigants nation-wide, the company will be offering entertaining, engaging, online video training for state-specific and topic-specific areas: from every day things like, how to beat a speeding ticket in Massachusetts, to even how to hand our DUI in California. These videos, which are assembled by practicing attorney’s, shall provide a litigants a comprehensive step-by-step process of how to approach and handle their specifc legal situation along with common forms of gain a favorable outcome.

After spending an hour of watching the training videos an reviewing the course materials, litigant are in a position to handle legal issue pro se. Or at least, after going through training, Users will be better education before having to determine their own fate, whether its to get themselves someone represent them or if they wish to do it themselves within court.


What differentiates iLaw from similar national self-helping legal programs is the particularity of the taught subject matter, which is not only a highly specific topic but also a one created specifically for a state. For instance, laws and procedure on evicting a non-paying tenant are state specific, sometimes even issues specifically related to the court. iLaw’s training videos are prepared by attorney’s who have demonstrated a lengthy history of representing clients during these specific jurisdiction, Additionally, the materials are only marketed to individuals in certain states, and not nation wide.

“What we’re trying to do is satiate the needs of a fraction of the millions of self-represented litigants across the country. This is a growing market the legal industry can no longer afford to ignore” says founder John Keramaris. “This is real disruption, not continued propping up of law firms and their current business model.”

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