Boston Travel Startup Tripzon Allows Travelers To Make Complex Trips


Boston Travel Startup Tripzon Allows Travelers To Make Complex Trips

Tired of all this cold weather? Wish you can take a trip towards a place relaxing and warm, maybe even several more then once place in a single trip. A recent website offers this kind of one-stop flying that many travel sites have not built themselves to work around. will help their customers create a trip with as many destinations they wish to chose, allowing them to plan out and book in multiple flights, hotels, car rentals and even various activities, all available on the same site.

“We’re like an electronic travel professional for people who prefer to do it on their own,” said Tripzon founder Christopher Bensley.


After 20 years of experience working within the travel industry, Bensley had never imagined being able to plan a vacation towards Costa Rica for his own family would take him weeks of researching just for a simple trip. He had to make transactions to six different websites, and even then, the original travel date had change by two more days, finding the rooms he had wanted were no longer available, so once again he had to begin from the beginning.

“I thought, there’s got to be a better way,” said the 53-year-old traveler.

Bensley had went around and managed to raise over $800,000 from various friends and family members, along with investment from some angel investors, who were all fellow Dartmouth College alumni. After gaining a handful of programmers led by one engineer, he went on to develop three different websites: TripzonTravel for travelers, TripzonPro for travel agents and Tahiti Journeys for boutique travel towards the South Pacific.

The common thing between each one was the web application that inputted all the information within a single place, allowing for customization and multiple transactions.


The difference between between these sites and other big travel search engines is that they use multiple suppliers and have trip-building feature that allows users to specify the destination and then proceed to add flights, hotels, car rentals, activities and transfers, Or modifying the Tripzon’s pre-designed trips to suit the customers needs can also be done, according to Bensley.

Various parts of the trip can be played during different times. To guarantee availability, for instance, the customer can pay for their hotel rooms in advance, and then later add activities and transfer later.

During the previous fall, Tripzon had managed to become one of the top 26 startups in the MassChallenge accelerator and competition, winning free mentoring and office space in Boston’s innovations District. As of now, the company has managed to book over more than 50 trips and has gained more then $100,000 in revenue and has planned to grow its user base by teaming up with various tour operators, cruise lines and event planners, Benseley said.


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