Br8throo Barks Ups A Collar To Track The Daily Lives Of Pets.


Br8throo Barks Ups A Collar To Track The Daily Lives Of Pets.

A firm founded by U.S military veterans named Br8kthroo have recently announced the company is launching and developing a new GPS dog collar. The TechyDogs as this product seems to be named, is a collar that uses real time data from a Global Positioning System, named Zigee and a social media to allow pet owners to stay connected with their canine companions.

Veteran Founders.

 Br8thoo has three military vets working behind it, CEO and co-founder Eliud Lamboy. Chief Operation Officer Robert Sparcale, and Chief Technology Officer Jeremy Paul. Lamboy himself is a registered nurse who brings his knowledge on healthcare and passion for technology to the table. Spracale an experienced entrepreneur himself who previously founded a recruiting company for medical professionals prior to joining Br8thoo. The leader of the TechyDogs team,Paul , has previously used his networking skills to improve upon the connectivity at the Ballad Hospital during his time in Iraq back in 2009.

TechyDogs Collar primary function is to receive and update on a pets daily activities, made up on readings from the devices integrate accelerometer and gyroscope. “Details about the dog’s actions transmit from the TechyDogs Collar via the wireless ZigBee network to the pet owner’s social media accounts,” said Lamboy. “The comments will appear as posts from the dog’s perspective as he goes for a walk or engages in other activities.

 “Br8kthroo is preparing to raise additional development funds through the crowdsourcing website Rockethub, beginning March 6, 2014. “Br8kthroo’s goal is to develop, market and produce 100,000 TechyDogs Collar units at a price of $100 by October 31, 2014,” said Lamboy.
For Those interested, A crowdfunding campaign is current on going for the dog collars to be produced, the project can be found here:

The Software For TechyDogs

The software behind Br8kthroo has been developed and named the Real Time Visual Management application to use to call centers. The release date for this software will be set for sometime in June 2014. RTVM has been based on gamification, a reminiscent to the same system used on gaming consoles. This system will encourage more productivity from employees.
“Our initial goal is to sell 500 RTVM licenses to 100 call centers,” noted company co-founder and president Saul Villanueva. “Employees will use RTVM to enter profiles similar to those used in gaming systems like Xbox and PlayStation, and managers will view visually pleasing graphical data to help them make real-time decisions more easily.”

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