Bridge U.S. Immigration Startup Raises $800k Financial Round.


Bridge U.S. Immigration Startup Raises $800k Financial Round.

Million of people and business tend to struggle when it comes to understanding the complex and outdated system of the U.S. immigration. Bridge U.S. is an innnovative technology platform who’s main goal are to revolutionize the process of allowing people and businesses to quickly find their immigration options, accurately complete their applications, and easily manage the statues over time.

“Our mission at Bridge U.S. is to empower people to build a better life in this country,” says Romish Badani, CEO. “Immigrating to the U.S. is an incredible opportunity, but too often the obstacles involved in the process make these opportunities unachievable. By democratizing access to high quality information and legal services, we put the power back in the hands of hard-working people looking to live their own American Dream.”


Founded by Romish Badani and Forrest Blount, Bridge U.S. offers a simple solution interface that help users better understand which, out of the hundreds of available paths through the U.S. immigration system, are open for them, based on the users’s unique circumstances.

Depending on the results, a list of various services will become available to help the users finish their applications, which will include everything from guided “do it yourself” tools to affordable legal representation that offered by professional immigration lawyers. the company will provide the legal services as exceptional rates because its technology streamlines the process, automatically completing all the required government forms and helping to organize any other necessary documents. This not only saves a lawyers time but minimizes the stress and hassle placed upon the users.

Blount commented that, “Immigration applicants today are forced to choose between quality and affordability when seeking help. We make it possible to have both.”

Bridge U.S.


This program has managed to gain a successful $800,000 funding round investment from a number of really well known tech industry giants, which includes, 500 startups,  Ulu Ventures (whose founder Miriam Rivera grew Google’s legal team from 2 employees to over 150), Mike Levinthal (a venture capitalist who spent 20 years with the Mayfield Fund), Dan Siciliano (founder of immigration case management company LawLogix), Paul English (founder of, which sold to Priceline for $1.5B), Dave Baggett (founder of ITA Software, which sold to Google for $700M) and Munjal Shah (the founder of, which sold to Google).Additional investors had included a wide range of various immigration law experts, civic leaders, and serial entrepreneurs..

“We are pleased that so many notable investors are committed to addressing the problems that exist for those trying to immigrate to the United States,” says Badani. “It’s no secret that our immigration laws are broken, and immigration reform is a critical issue being discussed in Washington. But there’s another massive problem that’s being ignored – the complex and expensive immigration process. The world deserves a better solution and Bridge U.S. has created it.”

Bridge U.S believes that they will be launching by April 1st 2014, which will lead this unprecendented software will become available to help guide both individuals and business through the complicated immigration process.

Bridge U.S.


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