BuildingBlok’s Cloud Based Construction Management Platform.


BuildingBlok’s Cloud Based Construction Management Platform.

BuildingBlok the cloud-based platform that helps small to mid-size general contractors better manage the entire lifecycle of construction projects, announces today the launch of new bidding feature, Invitation to Bid (“ITB”). With ITB, general contractors can easily manage contacts and send invitations to bid to subcontractors. BuildingBlok orgnaizes bid info, helps the GC track every email sent to subcontractors and allows subs to quickly get bid info, download documents and submit RFIs and Bids. This cutting edge technology is entirely web based and is free to use.

“BuildingBlok is devoted to creating high quality low-cost construction management tools for small to mid-size general contractors,” said Justin Nolan, CEO of BuldingBlok. “Subcontractor bidding is an area where there is an obvious need for improvement. It’s currently a time-intensive and manual process, and requires a large degree of tracking. Our system streamlines the entire process, making it easier for contractors to find the right subcontractors for their project.”

Specifically, with Invitation to Bid, general contractors can: 

  • Manage all documents quickly and easily
  • Manage all your contacts in one system
  • Connect and collaborate with subcontractors
  • Track all communications and documents
  • Award contracts and assemble teams of sub-contractors

As part of Invitation to Bid, BuildingBlok is also launching the free BuildingBlok Network, where subcontractors can list themselves and their qualifications and general contractors can find subcontractors and add them to their contacts. The Network currently includes thousands of construction professionals.

For more information about Invitation to Bid, click here. For more information about joining the free BuilidngBlok subcontractor network, click here.

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