Burbank StartUp Body Archer LLC Searching For An Angel Investor.


Burbank StartUp Body Archer LLC Searching For An Angel Investor.

Sometime during the early months of 2012, Robert Wald, co-founder of BodyArcher LLC ,had came to a decision. He had recently decided to retire from a 40+ year career ad a motion picture industry professional and decide to immediately look towards other business opportunity. Obviously, the world retirement was not part of his daily vocabulary.

New Biz.

That’s when he remembered an ingenious back stretching device, The Body Archer, that his massage therapist friend had invented many years ago, but had never marketed it to the general public. He showed it to Kim MacKenzie, a Burbank-based Pilates and fitness trainer, and things, started to roll, or rock, actually! MacKenzie signed on as co-founder and President, and created The Body Archer’s Pilates-based Strengthening, Stretching, and Affiliate Programs.

Wald explains, “With 80% of Americans suffering from back pain, myself included, we knew we had a winner of a product!


A year after The Body Archer’s launch, this back stretching chair is recommended by some of the top orthopedic surgeons, including Dr. Alexandre Rassouli of Cedars Sinai Spine Center and Dr. Yuri Falkenstein of Orthopedic Surgery Specialists. It also has also been featured in Pilates Style, Girls Life, and this month’s Oxygen magazine, as well as on NPR’s “It’s Your Health” with Lisa Davis, regional Daytime TV with the Healthy Voyager, and even in Time Square, NYC! The Body Archer was named the #1 Mothers’ Day Gift for Healthy Moms by Spry Living and Editors’ Pick by Spafinder Wellness 365’s Holiday Gift Guide in 2013. One year later, Wald and MacKenzie proudly have Body Archer customers in over 30 states and counting!

Although, their startup has much grander plans, Wald explains: “The more challenging ‘opportunity’ is finding a committed financial partner who really ‘gets’ what we have so that, with some serious help, we can present it to millions of people rather than to just hundreds. We’re at that very critical point of needing an able and enlightened investor or co-owner to grow this business in a big way. It’s such a wonderful product and can help millions of people live healthier and happier. Our customer feedback has been over 98% positive, with many raving about the back pain relief they get from their Body Archers! And, so, the search is on for that ideal individual who understands the opportunity and who believes in the product.”

With literally thousands of startup businesses out there, locating that perfect angel can be quite difficult of a job. However, the odds seem to stacked in their favor. It really does look like these two entrepreneurs have done their homework, and they seem to have already built a very solid infrastructure. Since The Body Archer is made in the “City of Angels,” Robert and Kim hope they can find one of them soon.

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