Burgeon, An Online Personal Development Platform That Will Assist Youth.


Burgeon, An Online Personal Development Platform That Will Assist Youth.

A young passionate entrepreneur along with this wife had made it their goal to launch an innovative global personal development platform named Burgeon, JC DE Jongh. This startup business will provide a wealth of information that will help youth get started on the right track when it comes down to business training. personal health, and spiritual growth.

The Story.

After having come to realize how many people close to them had given up on any life long dreams and passion for an average 9 to 5 job, JC and his wife decided to built the concept of Burgeon in order to help the upcoming youth from similar fate. Burgeon will provide its user with a valuable resources such as books, seminars, webinars, as well as one on one training in order to provide a more efficient training for the coming generation of youths.

“We have decided not to settle for an average life. We want to make a difference, we want to leave a legacy for others,” states de Jongh.

“We are taking steps to insure that our legacy lives long after we have departed this life. We have seen how we changed, challenged our past perceptions, and created a new future.”

As de Jongh had stated, their main goal was to inspire the next generation of youth with information that will ensure them of having a successful future. Most traditional school curricula do not provide the platform nor the enviroment that will assist youths in achieving optimal personal growth.


Once the business Burgeon has been launched, which amazingly enough will grow quickly enough to give back to South African community by aiding in re-building townships. Burgeon goes a step beyond and will actually prove the house owners of these towns with a personal development course.

At the current moment, the due are seeking fundraising through the use of Indiegogo in order to attend the up coming QuantumLeap program led by T. Hark Eker, serial entrepreneur and millionaire. De Jongh commented that these skills he and his wife have will obtain from the conference will drasticall help them in launching Burgeon and therefore is an important step for startup timeline.

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