CamFind Is The Visual Search Startup


CamFind Is The Visual Search Startup

CamFind is a mobile visual search startup based in Los Angeles, California. CamFind isn’t just a regular photo taking mobile app. It allows you to take any picture and obtain more information through the app. Using CamFind is as easy as snapping a photo with your phone. Just launch the app and take a picture of anything you want to learn more about or need to get a hold of. CamFind will give you accurate, relevant results within seconds. This is almost similar to the google glass feature, but users claim that CamFind is more accurate and has more cool features. It looks like this will be a game changing app in the startup and technology scene.

Demo Video:

Features of CamFind


Probably, one of the best features of Camfind is the ability to translate a picture. This can be an all in one translation tool for your travel needs. Imagine going to a foreign country, and you are having trouble communicating with the locals, you can simply take out Camfind, take a picture of what you want, and Camfind will automatically translate it for you.


If you do not want to take a picture you can always use voice or their built in QR reader that will translate and make things easy for you. VoiceOver identifies objects so you know how things are pronounced, as well as an automatic flash and zoom. Just when you thought this startup’s features are good enough, there’s more!

Eating out

If the restaurant you are going  to is closed, take a picture of the sign on the door and find out where another one is located nearby. The location database inside CamFind’s app will scan and locate similarities between shops and stores.



The bread and butter of this app is the ability to identify what’s inside a picture, the details of the object, and most importantly do a quick search on the object. You’ll not only get a list of Internet search results, just like you do when you type a phrase into a search engine- you’ll see images that are similar or related to yours, as well as local price comparisons and online shopping websites to let you get the most bang for your buck. Next time you see that awesome looking shoe in the streets, but you have no clue what brand it is, you can check with CamFind. This startup is currently seeking open investment on led by investor John SeegoPaul.

There has been a recent newsreport talking about how the app grants blind people vision. Check out the link here:

Blind Person Can See Through App

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  • Don Hsi

    as cool as it is, somehow i don’t see myself using it that much. Google Goggles recognition feature is pulled from the recent Google Mobile iOS app. The official statement from Google is “it is a fun feature, but not to many people use it…”, ouch!

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