Candy Crush Saga Creators Sees up to $7.6 billion IPO Valuation.


Candy Crush Saga Creators See up to $7.6 billion IPO Valuation.

The creators behind the immensely popular puzzle game, Candy Crush Saga, have recent stated that they wish to raise as much as $532.6 million in its initial public offering, valuing the company around $7.6 billion. King Digital Entertainment has also mentioned that the have plans to price their share around $21 to $24 apiece. With this goal set in mind, the company should be able to raise around $499.5 million and be valued at roughly $7.1 billion.

If the demand be proven to be high then expected, the game develop’s can sell an additional shares in what will be known as a greenshoe option. forcing the maximum size of the offering to go up by $612 million.

King’s Vaulue

If king follows through with the shares they have placed down of its expected range, then investors would be more incline to value King roughly about 54 percent more than they do with Zynga, the previous mobile game giant to go public. Along with a market value would be around $2 billion less than such giants as Electronic arts, a longtime veteran of the videogame industry.

This would show off the testament of success for Candy Crush Saga, which has attracted an average of 97 million users daily trying to line up their piece of matching digital sweets.


Although one thing to make many hesitant to jump on King would by its disclosure that has led many analysts to question where its possible for the game developing company to be able to thrive as a public company once it sensational hit begins to fade into obscurity. Currently it second most popular game, Farm Heroes Saga, contains an average of 20 million active users a day.


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