Carbon Cycle Began A Funding Campaign For Their Clean-Tech.


Carbon Cycle Began A Funding Campaign For Their Clean-Tech.

A recent clean-teach startup has recently appeared by the name of Carbon Cycle Energy LLC has raised over $1.5 million in funding to begin building a bio gas facility that will allow them to convert methane from waste into a usable natural gas for all sort of applications.

Officially formed sometime in August, Carbon Cycle is currently in addressed to the corporate Broomfield, but still operates at the headquarter of Boulder, An Applied Pharmaceutical, Environmental and Chemical Engineering Service Inc,. which is doing business with people like APECs Inc.

The current chief executive of Carbon Cycle, James Powell, mentioned his company already has gone pretty far in to their fundraising efforts, but at the moment he wouldn’t disclose on just how much they have gained so far.

Powell is an entrepreneur from Boulder who managed to found the SynPro Corp, which was acquired a while back from Agilent Technologies sometime during the middle of 2000s. He founded Carbon Cycle along side with the president of APECS  president Jerry Kovachich and the Co-founder for Golden Energy Service Tom Mulholland.

The plans that Carbon Cycle has manage to set out are to use waste water treatment plat, agricultural companies, landfills and those in the food industry to collect an abundance of methane products, or greenhouse gas, that would normally be released into the atmosphere of the earth.

Carbon Cycle has planned to design and develop a bunch of small facilities to be constructed, about the size of a semitrailer, and operate said facilities. They will be put near any source that produces methane gas and will process and be developed into a pipeline natural gas that can be sold to various utility companies. Any Source that is currently to far from the pipelines, they will be trucked to places such as gas stations for the use of automobiles.


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