Career Development Popforms, Launches Its New Product Pop Star.


Career Development Popforms, Launches Its New Product Pop Star.

Popforms, has recently announced launching of their new subscription product, a career development tool that been named Pop Star. Its boasting career-boosting content delivered by email, so users can have access to high quality, always growing curriculum of courses on their own schedule.


Popforms is a career development for the next generation of leaders. Ever since they launched their site during July 2013, Popforms has catered to employees that want to be in charge of their careers and who want to consume their content online, in a exciting and vibrant format. The curriculum available to users strikes a balance between in-depth education and a youthful, engaging tone, based on the works done by hundreds of experts from the fields of psychology, consulting management, and beyond, the content takes a typically dense, jargon-heavy world and makes it far more simple to access and exciting.

The company has begun to gain traction with a la carte courses and one-time resources, but is currently making ongoing education as an option. Customers have used the content to land new jobs, receive promotions and supplement their team development plans.

Popform’s new Pop Star product makes it possible for anyone to take the lead with their career and level up, from individuals to entire enterprise teams. PopFOrms was created of a recognition that the traditional workplace is change. More and more, companies are terminating hierarchy, embracing distributed work, and test all employees as if they were leaders.

Traditional ways.

Popforms also recognizes that traditional corporate education has been cost prohibitive for far too many. If the person is a 25 year old searching for the next step up or a startup CEO who wants to better corporate development program, Popforms offers content as a price that is within reach. Leadership development no longer has to cost over thousands of dollars that individuals and small teams will certainly not have, with Popforms, its attainable for anyone.

Popforms is targeting the millennials and the next coming generation of leaders, and wants to give them career development that speaks their biggest careers wants and needs. Popforms amazing take on corporate training is aimed at his new generation of leaders and employees, and infuses their journey with knowledge and energy.

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