Carousell Will Be The Next Ebay For Southeast Asia


Carousell Will Be The Next Ebay For Southeast Asia

Carousell, a startup based in Singapore, is calling itself, “The Next Ebay For Southeast Asia”. The company have been seeing massive growth since it’s launch and claims that it will continue to grow. The startup launched in 2012, and as of now it has over 1 million listings. The company soft-launched its smartphone app in Malaysia and Indonesia this year and beyond the next five years, it plans to take on markets like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.


Carousell is a mobile app ecommerce startup that allows people to list local items up in less than 30 seconds. You can create a shop like Ebay and list up items under your shop. The main difference between an ebay app and Carousell is that Carousell uses more of a local listing system, similar to craigslist. The startup created a simple way to sell the unused and under-used clutter in your life. The company wanted people to sell in a less cluttered form. You get to shop thousands of new and pre-loved items displayed in an endless stream of beautiful photos. Even sort them by ‘nearest’ to save time and money when you meetup with people near your home, school or workplace.

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The startup has been growing rapidly. To drive expansion into Malaysia and Indonesia, Carousell raised S$1 million in seed investment last year. The round was led by Rakuten and Golden Gate Ventures. Top incubator and seed firm 500 startups also took part of this deal.Vinnie Lauria, founding partner of Golden Gate Ventures, said: “Right now, it is some private investment and some government investment. I think we are going to start seeing much more private investment at the Series A level. That is where companies raise S$3 million to S$5 million.

The whole goal of the company is to eliminate the shipping process for locals. The payment system is already integrated with the app, so it is a level above the local searching of craigslist. The idea came about from the team’s frustration with how tedious it is to sell something on existing marketplaces and classifieds sites. Starting with an iPhone app that allows anyone to create a free listing to sell their items in 30 seconds, instead of 30 minutes, Carousell also makes it simple to shop for secondhand items anywhere, anytime. The app design places an emphasis on beautiful photos, and is location-enabled to make secondhand shopping serendipitous; Whenever you open the Carousell app, you’ll probably find some stuff you need, and stuff you didn’t know you needed.

Check out their website here:

You can also get the app on playstore or app store.



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