Casper $1.6 Million From Investors Looking For Comfortable Mattress.


Casper $1.6 Million From Investors Looking For Comfortable Mattress.

A better way to sleep may just be heading our way thanks to this up coming startup by the name of Casper. The company wishes to find a way for people to experience a better way to sleep at night with top quality designed mattresses, and a astonishing delivery system for instance gratification, They have recently announced the closing of a 1.6 million seed round that was led by Lerer Ventures. This round also included investments from, Crosslink Partners, Vaizre Investments, Correlation Ventures, and Norwest Venture Partners.

The Casper Team.

The founding team of Casper consist a mix of various e-commerce professionals and engineer designers, who share an equal dream of productivity, creativity, and improvement of health through sleeping. Co-founder and CEO, Philip Krim has manage to sell over 40,000 beds online so far through the use of an e-commerce company he established back during his sophomore year at the University of Texas. Jeff Chapin, production leader and co-founder, works on R&D and designs for Sealy during this time at IDEO in Boston.

Mattress Specs.

Casper will be launching sometime during the late Spring, will be offering the construction of single mattresses, The mattress will be engineered and designed with relaxation in mind. The mattress will adjust of any body size, eliminate any overheating or sinking feelings, reduce pressure, but still proved a bouncy feeling, which will be a comforting deal for those who use their bed for other than sleeping. Casper will be able to continue to reinvest into their products,with the elimination of costs that would normally would be associated with and kind of partnership.

A Word From Casper.

“We’ve made a concerted effort to focus on the elements that actually affect sleep – you would be shocked at the games retailers and manufacturers play solely for marketing purposes with no added benefit to the consumer,” says Krim. “It’s a liberating opportunity to make a bed from scratch, solely on our own terms.”

“I have been sleeping on a Casper for the last couple of months and I can only say that the sleep is awesome,” says Ben Lerer, Managing Director at Lerer Ventures. “The entire team is perfectly suited to take their vision of what people need for a better night’s sleep and transform the entire category.”

“Mattress shopping is a viewed by a large percentage of the market as one of the more difficult and frustrating shopping experiences, only surpassed by the experience of buying a used car,” said Josh Goldman, general partner at Norwest Venture Partners. “Casper is focused on fixing this archaic process that consumers endure today by bringing a high quality product to the $12.4B mattress market at an extremely disruptive price point. We have the utmost confidence that the leadership and design expertise of this team will deliver some much-needed transparency to the sleep industry.”


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