Catering Startups That Cater For Other Startups


Catering Startups That Cater For Other Startups

Catering startups have been on the rise lately. Many of them all over United States, have received over millions in funding by different venture capitalist firms. But they’re just startups that deliver food and cater right? Not exactly, most of these catering startups target other startups and creates amazing daily menus for them. Traditionally you would need to order days in advance for catering, but now with these catering startups on the rise you could literally place an order the same day. All of this could be completed online. Let’s take a look at a few catering startups in the USA.


Eat club is a food/catering startup based in Palo Alto in the heart of Silicon Valley. Previously Eat Club has raised a Series A round of 5 million dollars led by August Capital. Eatclub’s startup model is quite unique. They take feedback extremely seriously. All of their menus and daily meals consist of items adjusted from previous feedbacks.  EAT Club employs a taste-testing team that finds and approves restaurants, and specific dishes to be sold through its site and mobile apps.

Eat Club usually takes in all their orders before 10:30 AM and ensures everything is prepared by the time it hits lunch time. Due to the strict feedback environment, Eat Club has a very small and limited menu. The startup hires a bunch of hourly paid drivers that drive their own vehicle, much like a pizza delivery boy. Some of Eat Club’s top corporate customers are Chegg, Kaiser, IMVU and more.


Chewse is another catering startup that is based in Los Angeles. Founded by the alumni of USC,  Chewse has managed to secure a 1 million dollar seed round funding. Chewse is a little bit different from Eat Club. Chewse is known to ease up the process of ordering complicated meals. For example if you have an employee that can’t eat peanuts, you could mark that in in the order form and they will still make you a fabulous meal without using any peanuts.

Chewse employs their own cooks and will cook for as many people as you have in your company. With Grubhub hitting IPO, other catering startups are seeing a lot of competition. Chewse themselves said that they’re working on big plans to keep the catering startups moving despite all the competitions. The startup claims that they have  sent out over 55,000 meals and counting. Some of their customers include Activision, Wells Fargo, PWC and more.


Another catering startup based in San Francisco that recently expanded to Chicago as well. delivers from food trucks, restaurants and farmer’s markets. It also serves New York as well. is extremely special when it comes to finding the correct food. It digs through every food market you can think of from the flee market to the grocery store to food trucks. Their team’s job is to curate the best food for your company and schedule everything for you.

The mission of the startup is to bring you quality food and only quality food. They said that quantity isn’t as important as quality. Because of that they have to look through every possible food market for the best food providers. The team will fully adjust to your request. That means that you could have 15 vegetarians or 15 meat lovers, they will adjust.



CaterCow is the last one on our catering startups list. Catercow is very different from the others. The website is a simple yet well designed ecommerce website that allows you to purchase catering based on a per person price. You could filter out the cuisine that you want, the type of meal that you want and many more. Catercow is a bootstrapped New York startup recently expanded to San Francisco, LA, Orange County and Boston.

Order hors d’oeuvres from a local restaurant, buy an artisanal lunch for your office, rent a food truck for the day, or hire a private oyster shucker for your next event. Each clearly priced package can be ordered online without the frustrating back and forth of traditional catering. Some of Catercow’s main customers include Disney, Aol, Linkedin, Levi’s and many many more.



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