Celebrating 8 Glorious Years With Twitter.


Celebrating 8 Glorious Years With Twitter.

In celebration of the eight years is has been online since its launching. The social media company Twitter, had decided to recently launch a new website that will allow users to look at their “First Tweet.” This following link will allow people to see what was Twitters first tweet ever, lets have a look shall we.

Co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey wrote the first tweet ever in 2006: Just setting up my twrt.” was what it said.

Back in 2006, Dorsey and Twitter’s other co-founders were in the process of setting the site up. The idea behind twitter originally set in motion back in February 2006 when Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone began disussing the idea of using a text messages to share various statuses. The idea is usually credited towards Dorey, who had dubbed the idea ‘status’ at the time.

Afterwards, the name Twitter popped up in connection to the statues update idea. Credited to Noah Glass, the original writing of Twitter was twttr, following the spelling of another successful websites at the, Flickr. The first news coverage for Twitter happened a couple of months after the original proposal, when Glass told Om Malik of GigaOm about twttr. During August of that same year, Twitter was used to report a mild earthquake in California, showing people the power behind the timely information sharing Twitter can be used in future time.

The momentous occasion for Twitter, which got its named when the founder had regrouped and managed to acquire Twitter.com, would be during the March  of 2007, a the South by Southwest interactive event. This was seen as a huge tipping point for Twitter, as the attendees found Twitter to be a fantastic way to keep in touch with others and learn about the various events going on at SXSW. Twitter gained a huge amount of publicity and usage by the end of SXSW 2007.

Afterwards, Twitter managed to leave behind its podcasting company and transform into its own company, and soon the founders gained a couple of millions in venture funding, including Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos. Dorsey left as CEO within a year and by 2009 Evan Williams was running the company.

William introduced Twitter to an even larger audience during the early year of 2009, by going on the Oprah Winfry show along with Ashton Kutcher, who was the very first person  to gain 1 million followers at the time.

History became set after that, since 2009, Twitter has been the caused behind a alot of protest and political disruptions around the world,due to its stance in freedom of speech. The company has continued to raise more funds in the next three years, while expanding its user back from over 100 million.

Nearing the end of 2012, the year Facebook had gained its IPO, Twitter had announced its 200 million monthly active users, and soon began to acquire smaller companies with tools that would improve the social media service. Finally, during the late 2013, Twitter announced it would be filling an IPO, which happened during the end of the previous year.

For a short, illustrated version of Twitter’s eight year history, put together by Mashable, check out this video:

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