Celery, Receives 2$ Mil in Seed Round To Help You Take PreOrders


Celery, Receives 2$ Mil in Seed Round To Help You Take PreOrders

Celery, a San Francisco based startup receives 2$ million in seed round funding today to help you take pre orders. Celery allows you to take in preorders and hold onto them before shipping out your product. A lot of regular ecommerce owners have complained a lot about how Shopify and other ecommerce platforms does not have the pre order function. Celery fixes this for you.  The startup said the seed funding came from Y Combinator, SV Angel, Max Levchin, as well as others. Celery’s corporate name is Airbrite, and its co-founders are Chris Tsai (formerly at Groupon) and Brian Nguyen.

Celery Features

Celery is a unique startup with unique and easy features. It works on most major ecommerce platforms including Ubounce, wordpress, shopify and many more. Charge orders with a single click, exactly when you want. Charge each order as they come in, or in batches, or all at once. You’re always in control. Collect your money quick and easy. 1-click charge for deposits and balances. No follow-ups needed. No emailing a waitlist nor invoicing customers with $0 or $5 deposit orders. Celery has an option for you to set your taxes later so that you do not have to deal with it right as you receive your order.

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Mobile Friendly/Responsive

Celery does an impressive job on making mobile application pre orders easy. You can embed the app to any website with a checkout button all ready up. Whether you have a single product, or a series of multi-faceted products, checkout flows are smooth and easy to use.


The startup also provides in depth analytics of conversion rates for your ecommerce website. From automated customer emails to tracking new sales, the order process practically organizes itself. With all the key sales and performance metrics you need, knowledge is power. Automated transaction emails keep both you and your customers informed and up to date.

Airbrite Inc

Celery is apart of the Airbrite Inc team, which is backed by Ycombinator and other top early startup seed funders. Airbrite is an platform that allows developers to build complex ecommerce sites with API and RESTful calls. Airbrite integrates a lot of cloud solutions as well as SDK packages to make it easier for developers.

You could start using Celery for free. Sign up directly at:





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