Cetrom Launches Non-Stop Travel Management IT Service in the Cloud.


Cetrom Launches Non-Stop Travel Management IT Service in the Cloud.

Cetrom Information Technology, Inc. (Cetrom), an industry-leading provider of custom cloud solutions that transform the way travel management companies (TMC) succeed, announced today the public debut of its Cloud Computing solutions for travel management at the 2014 Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention in Los Angeles.


In an industry that never sleeps, this flexible, reliable IT solution provides TMCs the necessary tools to meet and exceed customer expectations anytime, anywhere. Cetrom has nearly 13 years of experience creating custom cloud solutions for a variety of industries and has spent nearly seven years perfecting their expertise in the travel industry for leading companies such asMacNair Travel and the Travel Team.

Greg Altieri, COO, MacNair Travel Management, said, “I consider MacNair Travel the poster child for cloud computing. Travel happens 24/7/365. Having Cetrom’s 99.9 percent uptime guarantee and never having our servers go down is very important for our business.”


Currently hosting the most popular travel management software like Galileo, BookingBuilder, Cornerstone Information SystemsiBank Reporting, Sabre, ClientBase, Travcom CS, and ClientMajic, Cetrom equips travel management companies with simple and elegant answers to their unique customer service needs. This all-inclusive solution can be customized and scaled to suit an individual TMC’s specifications, include high-level protection of sensitive customer data, and enable ease of access through a variety of mobile devices.

“Travel stretches into so many areas – hotels, carriers, rentals, guides, bookers, etc. – that it is only logical that our travel industry clients need an anywhere, anytime solution,” said Christopher Stark, president and CEO, Cetrom. “Cetrom understands exceptional customer service is paramount to a TMCs success. Our Cloud Computing solutions for travel management offer TMCs everything necessary to serve their customers, while immediately reacting to changes in itineraries based on the most up-to-date information available.”

Cetrom will be demonstrating its Cloud Computing solutions for travel management at booth #1465 during the GBTA Convention. This conference is the largest and most comprehensive within the business travel industry and features more than 6,500 corporate and government travel managers and suppliers.

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