Ex Facebook Mobile Team Creates Chaatz, Mobile Instant Messaging App


Ex Facebook Mobile Team Creates Chaatz, Mobile Instant Messaging App

Chaatz is an upcoming instant messaging startup with founders from the Facebook mobile team. Chaatz was founded by Richard Cheung, Michael Wong , and Arnie Chaudhuri. Chaatz also have a remote team with over 15+ people located in Hong Kong, China, and Singapore. The startup is still in seed round stage and have been funded by private angel investors.


Chaatz is a lightweight instant messaging app that can be compared to the Whatsapp messaging app. The difference between Chaatz and an app like Whatsapp is that the startup added features to allow more privacy, separate profiles for work and regular life, and you also have the option to create a virtual number like the Textnow free texting apps.

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The app itself is quite simple and straight to the point. It has most of the features that normal instant messaging apps have such as texting, photos, video transfers etc. Chaatz ultimate goal though, is bringing back privacy to the mobile web. The startup is trying to accomplish this by adding features that allow you to create different profiles so that you can remain anonymous or you can have a separate profile for work and personal life. The company did say that they are not focusing on making this a social network, but instead a fast and simple private way for people to chat. To simplify message management from multiple devices, Chaatz allows you to forward messaging from your various devices to a single, central device.

The startup hopes to start taking the software into more complex platforms such as Google Glass and smartwatches. According to TechCrunch,  the company’s larger focus is on the under-served feature phone market which they plan to reach via deals with OEMs and carriers. Already, they’ve sealed feature phone partnerships with Intex Mobile and Rage, and a global partnership with TCL Alcatel. Other deals are in discussions now too, with a carrier in Indonesia, and two other manufacturers in the Philippines, and another in Vietnam.

Check out Chaatz website below:


As of now Chaatz is only available on the ios, but they will be coming to the Android market soon.


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