Charge Your Phones With a High Tech Solar Charger Named Carbon.


Charge Your Phones With a High Tech Solar Charger Named Carbon.

Having the phone battery die can be quite a troublesome convenience for anyone out there, whether on the road traveling out in a place with barely any nearby plugs for your charger, or even being at a beach with no access to electricity. Well fret no more thanks to this recent tech called Carbon, a wearable solar powered charger.

Behind The Device.

The creators behind this amazing tech go by the name of Energy Bionic a recent startup that has a new Kickstarter project that are trying to solve everyone battery restoration needs. Carbon is a wearable charger that is powered by solar energy and worn by a wristband so it can use the collected power of the sun to refill your phone of energy. The charger will cost over $95 if you back the project up at the moment. The device has been stated to ship some time in August, that is if the project is funded before its deadline of March 31.

Carbon is worn on your wrist by a watch strap making it easy to carry around. Solar energy is harvested as it's worn and used when you need it the most. Carbon can also be charged by USB.

The Carbon Specs and Tech.

Now the Carbon itself doesn’t function as a watching, its only a simple built in solar sell that has been made to look like a watch face. Its comes with the charging port, an LED indicator with buttons lines on the edges. The mulit-colored light will flash to indicate its charging levels. The charging statues can also act as a mini flashlight or a safety strobe if in need of use for a quick light. Carbon is also water and dust resistant, so no need to worry about it getting wet in the rain or beach area.

Charging can be easily activated with but a simple push of a button below the connector, and to access the port by unscrewing the cover.Each carbon will come with a set of cables with a jack on one end and a iPhone 4/3s Lightning (iPhone 5/5s) mirco usb for the other.

Image: Carbon, a solar-powered wristband


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