China’s Xiaomi Successfully Ships 11 Million Smartphones in Q1


China’s Xiaomi Successfully Ships 11 Million Smartphones in Q1

It can’t be denied that Xiaomi has managed to become one of the most incredible popular smartphone brand in a really short amount of time, but just how massive the growth is and it continues to increase, is extremely surprising. Nobody is really surprised with Apples and Samsung shifted around 1 million units under a matter of months.

Amazing Development.

With both brands being really well know giants around the world with marketing budgets bigger then most companies can even possibly imagine. Now, when a a recent upstart within the business manages to pop outta nowhere from China and ships an over 11 million smartphones within the first three months of the year? yeah, that can be quite a shocker.

Not only is it quite shocking that they’ve managed to sell so many in such a short amount of time, but during the previous year they had only sold 18.7 million smartphone throughout the entirety of 2013. Last year, the company had seen a growth of 160% from 2012, which comes to show how impress things have really become. Lei Jun, CEO of the company had previously said that the company would be aiming to sell a chosen amount of 40 million smartphones in total during the entirety of 2014, but had upgraded his previous goal to 60 million smartphones.

Western Expansion.

One of their boosts most likely came from their recent decision on global expansion, helping them keep a strong momentum. The previous year had shown Google’s Hugo Barra Join the Chinese firm as VP of Xiaomi Global and ever since they started selling the devices Hong Kong, Taiwan and as of recently Singapore. India has been said to be the next expansion on their list and hopefully the company will continue to march on west.

There aren’t that many competitors in the west when it comes towards smartphone devices, with it currently being dominated mostly by Samsung when it comes towards the Android. Xiaomi could be a serious competitor with it offering its devices with some really neat specs and a costly price tag similar to the Nexus line, but without any compromises. With Xiaomi increasing success during the year, theirs a chance that they may want to put up fight with Samsung and encroach upon the west smartphone market.


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