Chix®SC Is Advancing Food Safety Through Sanitizer Compatible Wipes.


Chix®SC Is Advancing Food Safety Through Sanitizer Compatible Wipes.

Food-borne illness outbreaks are life-threatening and can cost a restaurant millions of dollars. The foodservice industry adheres to a standard two-step process for cleaning and sanitizing food-contact surfaces — wiping once to remove debris and loose particles, and a second time to apply sanitizer.


The sanitizer must be at certain concentration levels and stay on the food-contact surface for a specified time period, or “dwell time,” to effectively kill harmful bacteria that could lead to food-borne illnesses.

If applied properly, sanitizers reduce the amount of bacteria on food-contact surfaces by 99.999 percent. That does depend on what types of towels are being used in the sanitization process.

Scientific studies have shown that cotton and paper towels, commonly used by restaurants, diminish a sanitizer’s germ-fighting power. A recent USDA study discovered an electrostatic attraction that takes place between the sanitizer’s active ingredients and the towel’s fibers. The reaction causes the towel’s fibers to lock in 40 percent of the sanitizer, depleting its ability to kill bacteria before reaching the surface.


Chicopee has an innovative, affordable solution to this problem: CHIX®SC Professional Foodservice Compatible Towels. Made with a proprietary blend of non-woven and synthetic fibers, the towels release sanitizer at full-potency, effectively killing harmful bacteria. And because ChixSC towels are compatible with both quat- and chlorine-based sanitizers, they simplify the cleaning process and make employee training easier.

Testing shows that ChixSC towels repeatedly outperform cotton and paper towels by 200 percent. Available in white, blue, yellow and red, ChixSC sanitizer compatible foodservice towels also support color-coded zone cleaning protocols.

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