ChoreMonster,The App That Gets Kids To Do Their Chores, Now Free.


ChoreMonster,The App That Gets Kids To Do Their Chores, Now Free. 

The popular application that helps parents to encourage and reward their children for doing chores, ChoreMonster, has launched a major update recently on their site. iPhone and iPad will feature access upto more than 250 interactive monsters, and best of all, ChoreMonster is now completely free.

Chore Rewarding.

The best way to summries the inner working of this product would be “allowance meets Pokemon” is the best way to explain ChoreMonster. It has helped children complete more than 3 million chores since 2013. children will be able to earn points by completing a chore to receive rewards that parents create, like a screen time, new toy set, Ice cream, or even a family trip. Parents get a simple to use tool that takes care of the built up tension behind household chores.

The Monster Carnival, which could only be previously subscribed to only, provides children with another incentive to do their chore, with each chore that completed earning them a ticket, which they can use to win and collect monsters in the ChoreMonster app, and more monsters get updated each month.

“In our first year, we’ve made a lot of progress in making chores fun. More than three million chores have been completed in ChoreMonster so far,” said Chris Bergman, Founder and CEO of ChoreMonster. “We look forward to bringing ChoreMonster to more families on iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire, and in more countries around the world.”

Feedback Improvement.

ChormeMonster had asked parents what they could do to improve the application, and based on their feedback, they have complied a list of what they decided to add from said feedback:

  • Monster interactivity – Touch and play with all of the monsters that you’ve collected.
  • More options for chore scheduling – Schedule chores on school days, weekends, or just whenever.
  • The “Brag Bar” – Easily brag about your child’s accomplishments in ChoreMonster with our new Brag Bar. We’ll find a bunch of awesome things that your kids did during the week in the app and enable you to post them to either Facebook or Twitter. Your friends will be jealous.
  • Points boost – Did your kid do something great outside of ChoreMonster? Give them points!

Furthermore, beside being available for iPhone and Windows 8, ChoreMonster has become available for iPad. A native application for Android devices, tablets, Kindle Fie, and Nook shall be released during early May. Additionally, ChoreMonster has expanded their international reach to support for Spanish, Italian, French, and German and of course English.

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